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One of the original properties in the Kelly Country

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History at Maintoongoon before the KellyGang

Maintoongoon was originally gazetted in 26 Jul 1848 with an estimated area of 45 square miles. 20 months prior to this J.M. Matson held the lease from Oct 1847. (28,800 acres) Also called devil's River

1849 Jan. John Cotton

1851 Apr. Robert Forsyth

1861 Feb 8 James & Robert Forsyth

1861 Mar Subdivided into East & West

Maintoongoon East - James & Robert Forsyth

Maintoongoon West 1862 Jan 10 John Bon & Donald McKenzie

1864 Dec 5 subdivided into: 1. Maintoongoon West A - 10,080 acres 2. Maintoongoon West B - 7,570 "A" was held by John Bon and "B" by Donald McKenzie

see Victorian Squatters - compiled by Spreadborough & Anderson Red Rooster Press, 1983

In 1876 the license to Maintoongoon West A was owned by John Bon, ? acres, £62/10 license fee half year

And to Maintoongoon West B was owned by William, Charles and Henry Brown, ? acres, £50 license fee half year

James Forsyth's family held the preemptive right to Maintoongoon and other members of the Forsyth family held other properties and parcels of land in the area until about 1923

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What was Maintoongoon like in the late 1870's

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