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Recollections of a Victorian Police Officer by Sup John Sadleir

(full text transcription)

Table of Contents

FOREWORD By George Gordon McCrae
I From Ireland in the 'Fifties
II To Australia in the Great Britain
III Police Cadets in 1852
IV Ballarat in the Early 'Fifties
  The First Criminal Court

Henry ("Tony") Foster

V Ballarat in the Early 'Fifties (continued.)
  Some Fellow Passengers

The Miners and Their Troubles

A "Digger Hunt"

VI Ballarat in the Early 'Fifties (continued.)
  Gold and Prisoners' Escort McIvor

Gold Escort Robbed

A Mystery of the Early 'Fifties

VII Ballarat in the Early 'Fifties (continued.)
  Growing Discontent

How Mining Disputes were Decided

More Contentious Irishmen

Russell Thomson and Duncan Gillies

The Eureka Stockade

Public Feeling in Melbourne

VIII Melbourne Police in 1854
  A New Chief Commissioner

Licensing Courts in the 'Fifties

IX Beechworth in 1856
  Horse Stealing

Robert O'Hara Burke

Drilling the Foot Police

The Buckland Riots

The Burke and Wills Expedition

X Beechworth in 1856 (Continued)
  Indigo Diggings Discovered

McIvor Private Escort Tragedy

A "Protector" of Chinese

Cornelius Green, Gold-Buyer

XI Beechworth in 1856 (Continued)
  Some District Personalities

Long Journeys on Horseback

Beechworth, Past and Present

Billy, the Puntman

XII The Western District of Victoria
  Captain Whittaker and the Bushranger

Snipe Shooting

Tracking by the Blacks

The First Coaches in the District

"Lambing Down"

The Wannon Falls

A Plucky Constable

Cuthbert Featherstonhaugh, Jr.

A Yellow Peril

The Duffy Land Act

XIII Melbourne in 1864
  Unrest and Insubordination

Superintendent T. H. Lyttelton

The City Police,

1864 to 1867

The Theatre Royal Cafe

The Wrecked Passengers of the "Netherby"

The Horse and Jockey Inn

An Awkward Situation

A Charge Refused

A Military Scare

All-Night Licenses to Publicans

Dr. J.G. Beaney in the Dock

XIV Some Legal Luminaries
  B. C. Aspinall as a Humorist

A Q.C.'s Longest Day

XV Gippsland in 1867
  Captain Edgar Slade, R.N.

"Viking's" Last Race

Snipe, Quail and Duck

Grant in the Later 'Sixties

The Dargo High Plains

The Walhalla Mine

The Long Tunnel Mine

Mr. John Arabin

A Land of Floods

XVI The Bushranger, Power
  Mr. Robert McBean Robbed
XVII Four Uneventful Years
  The Road to Woods' Point

Some Curious Accidents

Bishop Moorhouse as a Pedestrian

A Country Surgeon

The Jericho Diggings

Mr. J. H. Graves as Parliamentary Candidate

"Black Wednesday"

XVIII The Kelly Gang
  Police Murders in the Wombat Forest

Constable Thomas McIntyre

Sergeant Kennedy

Isaiah ("Wild") Wright

After the Wombat Murders

XIX The Kelly Gang (Continued)
  "A Lost Opportunity"

A Night Watch on the Ovens

The Euroa Bank Stuck Up

"Assistant Postmaster" Flood Again

Superintendent Francis Hare

The Jerilderie (N.S.W.) Bank Robbed

XX The Kelly Gang (Continued)
  The Queensland Black Trackers

How the Black Trackers Worked

C. H. Nicolson Again Takes Charge

The "Diseased Stock" Agent

Some Arm-chair Advisers

A Disturbing Element

Shortly After Glenrowan

The Police Train Leaves Benalla

XXI The Kelly Gang (Continued)
  The Kelly Gang at Glenrowan

Ned Kelly's Armour

Alleged Reckless Shooting by Police

Ned Kelly Captured

The Kelly Prisoners Leave the Hotel

How Joe Byrne Met His Fate

The Hotel Fired

Peace Reigns in the North-Eastern District

The Longmore Police Commission

An Editor Interviewed

XXII In Charge of the Metropolitan District
  Disorganisation of the Police

The Police Negligent, Not Corrupt

Increase of Junior Officers

A New Development

XXIII The Detective Force
  Detective John Williams

Two Brave Bank Officers

XXIV Rioting in Melbourne
  Assault on Orangemen at Brunsick

The Maritime Strike

Nearly a Tragedy

The People's Forum

XXV Chief Commissioners of Police, 1853 - 1902
XXVI Some Sergeants and Constables
XXVII Men Who Have Helped
APPENDIX. The Corps of Native Troopers List of Police Cadets and Officers

This document gives you the text of the book as written by Sup Sadleir about the KellyGang and related matters. The text has been retyped from a copy of the original. We have taken care to reproduce this document but areas of the original text may been damaged. We also apologise for any typographical errors. This document is subject to copyright.

Recollections of a Victorian Police Officer