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The Royal Commission evidence for 5/7/1881

(full text transcription)

(see also introduction to day 35)

H. M. Chomley giving evidence

12756 You see the position it places the Commission in–if we relieve one from the leave of absence would not the other two justly claim it?— Yes, certainly; I see a difficulty myself.

12757 If Mr. Sadleir returns to duty where would you send him?— I have not made up my mind at all about it.

12758 Mr. Berry has put a minute here that he should not be sent to the North-Eastern district?— Yes.

12759 Do you know whether Mr. Sadleir has asked to be relieved from the North-Eastern district?— Yes.

12760 Have you got the correspondence?— I put it in here. I gave it to you; it was handed in here the last day. It was a private letter to me when I gave evidence about the Kelly scare; it was the latter part of the letter.

12761 I heard from the Chief Secretary, a long time before, that Mr. Sadleir had written a letter imploring his removal from the district, as he was in danger of his life?— That was the only letter. I telegraphed up and got an answer that there was no such letter in the books, and the only letter I had was the one I gave to the Board.

12762 Did you at any time prior to the 27th of June lead Mr. Sadleir to believe you would recommend that he should resume duty?— Never

12763 Neither by word of mouth nor writing?— No.

12764 And the request was made solely upon the part of Mr. Sadleir himself?— Solely.

12765 And from no intimation from yourself?— Certainly not.

12766 Did you consider that the public service demanded from you that you should make an application for an increase of officers to the Chief Secretary?— No.

12767 Then Mr. Sadleir has taken this action altogether of his own accord?— Certainly he has. I wish the Commission to remember that had there been no Commission and had there been only sixteen officers I might have taken other steps, but I did not want to do anything to embarrass the Commission in any way.

12768 In point of fact you are under the impression that sixteen officers ie not sufficient?— I am; but the Commission is sitting here and they ought to know. I do not want to embarrass the Commission in any way.

The witness withdrew.

Adjourned to to-morrow at Eleven o'clock .

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6/ 7/1881


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