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The Royal Commission evidence for 1/9/1881

(full text transcription)

(see also introduction to day 48)


The Hon. F. LONGMORE , M.L.A., in the chair;

G. R. Fincham , Esq. , M.L.A., G. C. Levey, Esq., C.M.G.,

G. W. Hall, Esq., M.L.A., E. J. Dixon , Esq. , J.P.

The Chairman . John Sherritt met me at the door, and handed me this letter. [The same was read, and is as follows:—] “Paddington Hotel, August 31st, 1881 . To the Honorable Francis Longmore and the Members of the Police Royal Commission. Honorable Gentlemen,—I see in the report of the evidence to-day before you that some person gave it as his opinion that the letter signed 'M. Connor, was concocted by me and others. I am ready to give evidence on oath that this is altogether false. I heard nothing of what is stated in that letter except about the ' Sebastopol charge,' and that I did not hear of until a week after it occurred, and I can prove on oath that all this is correct. I wish to inform you that I have been told by my mother and others, and do believe, that during the time I was giving evidence before you that Mrs. Nicolson , the wife of Mr. Superintendent Nicolson , was up in Beechworth, and asked magisbates and others to sign paper and to give evidence unfavorable to my character. I appeal to you, gentlemen, to protect me, as all this is done to blast my character unfairly. I have told the truth, and done nothing wrong or discreditable. I would pray of you to have me reinstated in the police force, and so enable me to clear my character and earn my livelihood, as was promised to me. Your most obedient servant,


Mr. Nicolson — Might I take this opportunity of giving a complete denial to that part of his statement about Mrs. Nicolson .

16315 By the Commission (to Mr. Nicolson)— You deny the statement altogether?— Yes. Mrs. Nicolson was up at Beechworth, but not doing anything of that sort.

16316 Nothing of that kind was done?— No, not with reference to getting up a petition of any kind against this man. If desirable, Mrs. Nicolson will attend and give this information herself.....

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