The Alexandra and Yea Standard, Gobur, Thornton and Acheron Express at KellyGang 25/5/1878

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(full text transcription)

It is with deep regret we have to record the sudden and melancholy death of Dr Rowe, of the Seven Creeks Station. The deceased gentleman was a very old resident of the district, and formerly owned the Mount Battery Estate at Mansfield. his untimely end is thus referred to in Mondays Age, -"Yesterday the funeral of the late Dr Rowe, an old colonist, a squatter and a much e respected resident of Euroa, took place at the Euroa Cemetery.

Dr Rowe's death occurred very suddenly, and under extra ordinary circumstances. It appears that on r Thursday morning he went out from his home station with the intention of riding e over his runs, but was never afterwards seen alive. His non-return caused some anxiety a amongst his relatives, and a search was made for him in the district on Thursday evening, but without success. On Friday morning, however, he was found dead near a paddock a in which his horse was grazing. There was a nothing to show how the deceased had been killed. One of his eyelids was out, a tooth was knocked out, and there were other light injuries on the side of the head and the right cheek. These could not be regarded as accounting for Dr Rowe's decease. A magisterial inquiry was held, but as the deceased was not medically examined it was quite impossible to arrive at any definite conclusion as to what his really been the cause of the fatality. The magistrate appears to have come to the conclusion that the deceased had died from the effects of a kick from his horse, but the nature of his injuries seems to have been scarcely such as to justify that conclusion. It is also stated that Dr Rowe was subject to fits. However this may be, the case seems to have called for further and more searching inquiry than it has received and the whole matter has been left in a state of mystery, which, to say the least of it, is unsatisfactory.

The deceased was sixty-seven years of age, and was held in great esteem on account of his philanthropic disposition and the uniform courtesy which marked his relations with numerous circle of acquaintances."

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