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I may summarise the extent of the areas selected in this district as follows, whether by bona fides or mediums:-Brankeet, one-sixth; Warrambut, one-half; Eildon, one-half; Delatite, two-thirds; Goorambat, one-half; Upotipotpon, one-eight; Drummurphy, one twentieth; Benalla, one-half; Longwood, one-thirtieth; Carrawa, three-fourths; Moorngag, one-fourth; Woondoomarook, one-half; Glenrowan, one-fourth; Mokoan, two thirds; Worrawinga, one-fifth; Hanson, one third; Moyhu, two-thirds; Doolam, one-fifth; Howqua, one-fourth; Oxley, all; Verdon, one half; Yarck, one-fourth; Warrenbayne, one twentieth; Branjee, one-eighth; Collinsford, one-fourth; Miepoll, one-sixteenth; Mansfield, one-tenth; Thornton, one-half; Wappan, one-fifth; Darlingford, one-third; Greta, all; Emu, one-sixth; Balmatan, one-half; Goomalibee, one-sixth; Palgrave, none; Carrick O'shanassy, two-thirds; Torrensdale, one-sixth; Wahring, one-fourth; and Dargolang, one-half. This result shows that the demand was moderate, and the land, generally speaking, not remarkably good.

Little complaint was made of the attitude assumed towards the selectors by the pastoral tenants; the only exception was as regards Mr H N Simson, who, as manager for Messrs, M'Culloch, Sellar, and Co., impounded the cattle of his poorer neighbours right and left, forcing them to sell out. Mr Glass tried the occupation-licence system on his runs, with dummy settlers. He followed the example set him in the west, of putting up dummy houses, but he was less successful; the real character of the improvements having been detected and reported. Not having made the improvements required to the satisfaction of the department, he lost the opportunity of adding to his freeholds at the upset price, and has since continued to pay the rent of 2a. 6d. per acre.

The Emu run, I may add, was formerly held by Mr Simson, for Messrs, M'Culloch, Sellar, and Co., but was lately sold, and has since been all surveyed, ready for selection in the next batch of areas. Benalla, which may be said to be the chief township between Kilmore and Beechworth, is prettily situated on a heavily-wooded flat on the banks of the Broken River, and appears to be progressing, although none of the banks have as yet thought it worth while to establish an agency there. The farmers of the district formerly found a market at Beechworth, but the miners there now obtain supplies nearer at hand. For Mansfield , Jamieson, and Wood's Point there is a constant demand for the produce of the fields of Benalla, and I was glad to notice that, favoured by a singularly good season, the crops all around promised an abundant harvest.


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