The Argus at KellyGang 19/12/1878 (2)

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BENALLA, Wednesday 10.30pm

There has been nothing new heard about the Kellys today. Late this evening, however, a person arrived here from the Goulburn district, and informed the authorities that on Friday last four mounted men were seen near Kialla, which is about l8 miles from Violet Town, on the north-west side of the railway. It is said the men were riding three bay horses and a grey one, and they had also new clothes on. The person who gave the in formation states that they called at his place for a drink of water, which they got, but it was not noticed whether they carried any arms, nor can any satisfactory reason be assumed why this information was not given to the authorities before now, instead of allowing six days to elapse since the occurrence took place. Very little importance is attached to the information, as it is not thought probable that the outlaws would leave the security of their fastnesses in the ranges to venture into an open country, more especially as the whole of the district is so cut up by selectors fences that they would principally have to keep to main roads, where they could not well conceal their tracks. The only reason for supposing the gang to have gone in that direction is that the Kellys have an uncle residing in the dis trict

BENALLA, Thursday, 1 am  

The police have just received information to the effect that the house of a selector living about five miles from here, at Ryans Branch, on the Kilfera road, was stuck up by some men at a quarter to 10 o'clock last night. The information was brought in here by a son of the selector referred to, but his statement is of the vaguest. He says that as the family, consisting of his father, mother, sister, and himself, were about going to bed a man, or some men, came to the door, and ordered them to bail up. Without waiting to hear anymore, the young man made his way out at the back of the house and walked into Benalla to give the information, but he says that before he left he heard a gun snapped or fired off. A strong party of police has been despatched to the spot indicated.


CHILTERN, Wednesday

The rumour that the Kelly gang passed through Chiltern on Friday morning is with out foundation, as the parties referred to were farmers residing near Gooramdda. I mention this fact to prevent misleading the police in operations now being carried on in this district.


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