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The Argus at KellyGang 21/6/1879

(full text transcription)

Referring to the Kellygang and their presumed friends, the North Eastern Ensign says - "Mrs Skillion and Lloyd returned to Benalla by the night train and the police took the precaution of examining their effects to see if any ammunition was concealed but of course there was not. What the object of the Melbourne mission was is of course a secret, but it would appear contrary to the usual sagacity of the Kelly people to go on such business so openly. On their return Mrs Skillion and Lloyd stopped a night in Benalla and Lloyd put his horse in a paddock but in the night the slip- panels were let down and the horse lost. The party were back next day, accompanied by other reputed friends of the outlaws and their activity at present is the subject of much remark.

A good many persons consider another outbreak is a not very distant event as the gang must be running short of means, but of course this is merely conjecture. Whatever else may be said of the friends of the Kellys, this much is certain, that they have strongly resisted the temptation to take the reward offered to informers against the outlaws, and have preserved a reticence which has gone far to shield the murderers.

The female members of the Kelly family are noted for the guard they keep upon their tongues. Always civil in reply to either official or curious questioners, they invariably speak as if in the witness box without undue loquacity, and not the slightest information is obtainable from them. They appear to have some or the caution charactering the elder brother. The male friends of the gang are equally mute, and appear to have made silence a point of honour with them.

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