The Argus at KellyGang 30/1/1879

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(full text transcription)

We have received telegrams from various points to the effect that absolute news of the Kellys is shortly expected. The belief that the police have at last some clue to the murderers and are closing upon them is evidently widespread, but previous disappointments have been so numerous as to discredit all such rumours. In deference to the wish expressed by the Acting Chief Secretary, we give no particulars.

Our Mansfield corespondent remarks that the request to withhold notice of the police movements is considered absurd on the spot, as the gang are informed on the subject long before the newspapers can reach them.

A Benalla telegram mentions that "There is one noticeable matter, and that is that since the men who are now in Beechworth Gaol have been arrested Kate Kelly has studiously avoided her visits to this place, which were so frequent a short time since. Another man, whose name I do not know, but who was continually in and out of the township on a half thoroughbred black mare, has not been seen since then.

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