The Argus at KellyGang 30/11/1878

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There has been no recent news of the Kelly gang. The police have been busy strengthening their guards at outside places. Search parties have been out for days, and have returned apparently without obtaining any positive tidings. One party under Senior-constable James discovered what evidently had been a former stronghold of the gang, and one that would have stood a siege, but it was partly dismantled, it is supposed, by the offenders soon after the murders were committed. The charred remains of saddles, &c., were also found, and there were numerous signs of rifle practising. From the character of the offenders it is not improbable that an attempt will be made on some of the country banks, either on the Victorian or New South Wales side of the river. The police have brought in two of the police horses taken by the outlaws at the time of the murder, also some others that the gang would have been likely to use.

There are some sensational rumours about this evening, but there is no truth whatever in them.

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