The Complete Inner History of the KellyGang and their Pursuers (28)

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The reports of bullets having been fired into the bodies of the Troopers after death is false and the Coroner should he consulted. I have no intention of asking mercy for myself or any mortal man or apologising, but wish to give timely warning that if my people do not get justice and those innocents released from prison and the police wear their uniform, I shall be forced to seek revenge of everything of the human race for the future, I will not take innocent life, if justice is given, but as the police are afraid or ashamed to wear their uniforms, therefore every man's life is in danger.

As I was outlawed without any cause and cannot be no worse, and have but once to die, and if the public do not see justice done, I will seek revenge for the name and character which has been given to me and my relations while God gives me strength to pull a trigger. The witness which can prove Fitzpatrick's falsehood can be found by advertisement and if this is not done immediately horrible disasters shall follow, Fitzpatrick shall be the cause of greater slaughter to the rising generation than St Patrick was to the snakes and frogs in Ireland, for had I robbed, plundered, ravished and murdered everything I met, my character could not be painted blacker than it is at present, but thank God my conscience is as clear as the snow in Peru, and as I hear a picked jury amongst which was a discharged Sergeant of Police, was empanelled on the trial and David Lindsay who gave evidence for the Crown is a Shanty Keeper having no licence and is liable to a heavy fine and keeps a book of information for the police and his character needs no comment for he is capable of rendering Fitzpatrick any assistance he required for a conviction as he could be broke any time Fitzpatrick chose to inform on him. I am really astonished to see Members of the Legislative Assembly led astray by such articles as the Police, for while an outlaw reigns their pocket swells, Tis double pay and country girls -

By concluding, as I have no more paper unless I rob for it, if I get justice I will cry a go. For I need no lead or powder to revenge my cause. and if words be louder, I will oppose your laws. With no offence. (Remember your Railroads), and a sweet good bye from


A Forced Outlaw

This letter was addressed to Mr Cameron, MLA, on December 14, 1878 , and its most striking feature is the appeal the outlaws make for a fair deal. He asks nothing for himself, and frankly admits how he got even with Whitty and others by stealing and selling their horses. Another feature of the letter is the charitable outlook of the outlaw in pleading the cause of the "poor man."

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