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Stephens was afterwards escorted by Kelly from the stable and confined with others in the store room, a wooden slab building, about twenty yards distant from the house. The plan of the outlaws, though daring in the extreme, was very simple, and consisted in the occupation of the station as a base of operations, where they themselves and their horses might gain rest and food before attempting the other coup which they had planned. The confinement of the station hands gave them very little trouble. One by one, as they dropped in, they were encountered by one of the gang, who presented a loaded revolver at their heads and told them the station was stuck up and that they were prisoners. There was no difficulty in adding them to the gradually increasing crowd in the store-room, which was an easy room to guard, since the door and windows, close together, could be watched by one or more of the outlaws heavily armed with loaded rifle and revolvers.

Several prisoners were collected during the day, and at five o’clock, when the manager, Mr McCauley, rode in from an outstation he had been visiting, the wonderful quietness and deserted appearance of the place greatly surprised him, but a warning word, with advice to surrender, was called out to him by Fitzgerald as he approached the store. His inclination to treat the matter as a stupid jest was quickly dispelled by the appearance of Kelly with a revolver from behind the building, and seeing no help for it, he suffered himself, too, to be made a prisoner. At first the Kellys, keeping a watch on Mr McCauley, allowed him freedom of movement, and he suggested that everyone might as well be as comfortable as circumstances permitted and have some tea. The women of the place had not been shut up or molested, and they prepared a meal, of which the Kellys as well as the prisoners partook, the later taking the precaution to make others eat first in case the food should be poisoned. Only two of the outlaws sat down at one time while the others stood by with their revolvers in their hands to prevent mischief.

Towards evening another visitor arrived, a draper named Gloster who resided at Seymour but was then hawking some of his goods through the country. He knew the station, where he had previously done business, and determining to pitch his camp there for the night, he left a young man named Beecroft in charge of his covered wagon and horses which had been unharnessed on the road, and went to the kitchen to get a billy of boiling water for his tea. As he was returning to the waggon a man called him back, saying the station was stuck up, but Gloster took no notice and went on to his camp, which was promptly visited by Ned and Dan Kelly, the former in a very bad temper. Gloster had just climbed into his cart to get a pistol which he kept there, when he found revolvers pointed at his head from either side by the outlaws and was roughly ordered to come down, which he did, but he went on making preparations for his supper. Ned Kelly had a pair of handcuffs in one hand and a revolver in the other. When asked by the hawker who he was and what right he had to interfere, the outlaw replied in his usual modest style: ‘I am Ned Kelly, and a better man never stepped in two shoes.’

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