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After this discovery Mr Hare wished to break up the camp, but Sherritt assured him that Mrs Byrne had, except through him, no means of communicating with the outlaws, and that there was still hope of effecting a capture.

Taking a penny whistle with him that evening he approached the Byrnes’ house, on the way making music which he hoped would bring out his girl to meet him and enable him to learn just what Mrs Byrne knew. The Byrnes of course would suppose him to come from his own hut which was not far distant from theirs. Miss Byrne did not go to meet Sherritt, but the old lady drew him aside and told him she had discovered the police, rating Aaron at the same time for his stupidity for not doing so. He expressed the utmost surprise and some incredulity, but his mind was relieved by feeling that he was not suspected, and on his persuasion Mr Hare remained in his camp for five more days.

During one of the night watches, at about ten o’clock , a man on foot passed close by Mr Hare and his men on the way to Mrs Byrne’s house. Mr Hare did not challenge or fire, for Sherritt, he remembered, was at the Byrnes’ and could bring word back as to who the stranger was. Accordingly, though he suspected him to be Joe Byrne, much to the astonishment of the constables Mr Hare allowed the man to walk through the midst of them. When Aaron returned from the Byrnes’ about two hours later Mr Hare waited to see if he would make mention of any strangers having been at the house. He did not do so, and on being questioned upon the subject, said, yes, a man named Scotty who came from the hills had been there. Mr Hare was not satisfied. He believed the man to be Joe Byrne, for if there were any one of the gang whom Aaron might refuse to betray it would be he, and it seems somewhat extraordinary under the circumstances that nothing further was done. Mr Hare makes no mention of the man’s departure from the house, and apparently the police party returned to the camp, leaving to his own devices the stranger who Mr Hare then believed at least might be Joe Byrne, and whom later he still more strongly suspected.

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