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Section 7

Any justice of the peace or officer of the police having reasonable cause to suspect that an outlaw or accused person summoned under the provisions of this Act is concealed or harboured in or on any dwelling house or pre-mises may alone or accompanied by any persons acting in his aid, and either by day or by night demand admission into and if refused admission may break and enter such dwelling house or premises and therein apprehend any person whom he shall have reasonable ground for believing to be such outlaw or accused person, and may thereupon seize all arms found in or on such house or premises, and also apprehend all persons found in or about the same whom such justice or officer shall have reasonable ground for believing to have concealed harboured or otherwise succoured or assisted such outlaw or accused person. And all persons and arms so apprehended and seized shall be forthwith taken before some convenient justice of the peace to be further dealt with and disposed of according to law.


Attorney General.

Crown Law Offices, Melbourne , November 15, 1878.

Prior to the proclamation of outlawry a reward of £500 per head was offered by the Government for the capture of the bushrangers to make police and civilians as active as possible in the pursuit.

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