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The role of Women in the KellyGang story


Women are as much a part of this story as the men. Mrs Kelly's suffering is beyond description. All but one of her children died before she did. Mrs Byrne and Maggie Skillion led the police a merry chase. We could go. Please meet some of the women of this story. Of course many of these stories are hidden under those of the men in their lives.

Womens rights were being spoken about (Ensign9/10/1874)

Women at KellyGang

Anderson Mrs

Baker Mrs

Ball Mrs

Barry, Mrs Ellen

Barry Miss

Batchelor, Jane

Baumgarten Mrs William

Bolam Mrs


Byrne Mrs Margaret

Byron, Mrs

Calvert Mrs

Chappell Mrs

Cohen Annie

Crawford Emma

Curnow, Mrs

Davidson, Miss

Davidson, Mrs

Delaney, Mrs

Devine Mrs

Dobson Mrs

Feely Margaret

Fitzgerald Mrs

Gill, Mrs

Goodman, Mrs

Gunn, Anne

Hare, Mrs

Hart Ettie

Hart Mrs

Hart, Ester

O'Brein, Mrs

O'Connor, Mrs

Quinn Ellen

Quinn Grace

Quinn Helen

Quinn Jane

Quinn Kate

Quinn, Margaret, Mrs

Quinn Mrs (Grandmother)

Reardon J Mrs

Reardon M Mrs

Ryan Ellen

Ryan, Helen Mrs

Scott, Susan Mrs

Shaw Fanny

Sherritt Ann Jane

Sherritt, Mrs Annie (Sen)

Sherritt, Mrs Ellen (jun)

Sherritt Jane

Skillion, Maggie, Mrs

Skillion Margaret

Skimmer Mose

Smith Miss

Stanistreet, Mrs

Strahan Mrs

Webb Miss

Webb Mrs

Weekes Annie

Weekes Mrs Margaret

Willis W, Mrs

Woods, Mrs

Ingram, Mrs

Jones, Jane

Jones daughter 2

Jones, Mrs Ann

Jordon Mary

Kelly Anne

Kelly, Grace

Kelly Mrs Ellen

Kelly Ellen

Kelly Kate (Catherine)

Kelly Maggie (Margaret)

Kelly Mary Jane

King Alice, Mrs

King Alice

Laing, Mrs

Lloyd Bridget

Lloyd Mrs Catherine

Lloyd Jane

Lloyd Kate

Lloyd Mary

Madden Mary Anne

Jane Mcauley

McCormack, Mrs

McDonnell, Mrs

McDougall, Mary

Marsden Mrs

Martin Julie

Mason Miss

Mortimer, Jean

Mutton, Eliza

Nicolson, Mrs