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period covered 17/4/1878-4/10/1878

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The events of the KellyGang story


Date Person Place Event
17/4/1878 MrsKelly   police including Sgt Steele, Det Ward and Const Strahan left Wangaratta for Greta and arrested Mrs Kelly, Skillion and Williamson for the attempted murder of Const Fitzpatrick. There was no sign of Ned or Dan Kelly

First remand of Mrs Kelly, Skillion and Williamson. Fitzpatrick's evidence (Argus)(Argus22/5/78)

18/4/78   Benalla Mrs Kelly and the others made their first court appearance and the first reports appeared in the papers of the outrage against Const Fitzpatrick. Mrs Kelly and the others were remanded in custody for a month.(Argus)
25/4/78 MrsKelly Benalla Mrs Kelly, Skillion and Williamson were charged in Benalla court of aiding and abetting Ned Kelly after a committal hearing held in Benalla. Mr Zinke from Beechworth appeared for the accused, Chomley appeared for the prosecution.

The police were prepared to allow Mrs Kelly bail but they required 50 pounds from her and 2 further sureties of 50 pounds each. The family could not raise the money so Mrs Kelly and baby Alice stayed in Beechworth Goal

  KateKelly Winton Kate Kelly and Maggie Skillion were found on Winton road at night in rain by Ward & Strahan .
-/5/78 JohnLloyd   John Lloyd was arrested on the same warrant that Fitzpatrick had attempted to serve on Dan Kelly and he got off
1/5/78     Baumgartens + before court , horses stolen from Whitty (Argus)


    Police had information that KellyGang were gold mining. Searched area(Argus)
13/5/78 ConstFlood Kellys Flood found bullet in wall at the Kelly home, of the type fired at Fitzpatrick
14/5/78     (Argus)
17/5/78   Benalla Mrs Kelly, Skillion and Williamson, remanded
22/5/78     (Argus)
-/6/78 SteveHart.   Steve was released from Beechworth Gaol in June
1/07/78 Sadleir   Police force reorganised, north eastern district formed with HQ at Benalla, Sadleir in charge.
3/6/78     (Argus)
6/6/78 Mrs Kelly   Mrs Kelly offered bail (Argus)(OMA)
15/07/78 James Quinn Benalla Charged with inflicting bodily harm, discharged
/08/78 Ned Kelly Woolshed Early August; Ned Kelly seen at the Woolshed by a blacksmith
10/8/78 Sadleir   Sup Sadleir issues orders to Sgt Kennedy
16/08/ Kennedy   Sgt Kennedy's report on the hunt for the KellyGang .
29/08/78 Sadleir   Sup Sadleir wrote to Com Standish about use of a agent
5/09/78     Benalla Show (Argus)
9/09/78 Ward KellyCountry Det Ward sent into Kelly Country after KellyGang as a detective
13/9/78   Albury Albury show (Argus)
16/9/78 Standish   Sadleir wrote to Com Standish about search party into Mansfield area
  Jimmy Quinn Benalla Charged with assault, 3 months in gaol
1/10/78 Baumgarten Beechworth Supreme Court sat in Beechworth with Sir Redmond Barry. Case against Baumgarten continued and Ned Kelly's position as the ring leader of the horse stealing was established.
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