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Importance of Mr Ah Fook

I was a chinese, a pig hawker from Morses Creek It is said that I had a hot temper. I went to the Woolshed

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Early Years In August 1869 I was robbed by Harry Power

In October 1869 I was walking by the place when Ned Kelly, who was working with William Skillion and William Gray on Mrs Kellys, came up to me and robbed me of 10s. The next day I saw Sgt Whelan in Benalla.

Ned Kelly had a different version, he said that I came on to his place to get a drink of water but they gave me creek water. He said that I hit him and threatened to burn the Kelly home down.

The case came to court in Benalla on 26/10/69. Supt Nicolas procecuted. Ned Kelly gave his version and it was backed up by his two mates. He was not convicted.

In May 1874 I was living at the Woolshed. I was a partner with Ah Cheny and 15 other Chinamen in a mining claim. I lived in a hut with Ah On (Ah Oun).

A few days before I went missing I had a fight with Ah On. A few days later William Fitzgerald found my blood stained clothes (Argus7/5/74)

The police thought that my death was suicide but the jury said murder (Argus11/5/74) (Argus14/5/74)

A reward of £100 was offered for my killer (Argus23/5/74)

The case for suicide; resons (Argus9/6/74)

Photograph Early 1877 Arron Sherritt and Joe Byrne were swinging in the Woolshed water storage. Ah On alledged that he was attacked by Aaron Sherritt. Aaron said that the fight was started by the Chinese attacking with bamboo poles. The Chinese said that Aaron started it by throwing a rock. Joe got 6 months .


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