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located north of Wodonga in New South Wales on the Murray River


The Aboriginals called the area Yarra-wuddah- red sand

Albury was largely established on the site of Mungabareena by the Huon family by 1836.

Importance of Albury

Albury is on the River Murray on the boarder between the colonies of Victoria and New South Wales and on the main inland route from Melbourne to Sydney.

First Doctor , Dr Creighton of Doctors Point, arrived in 1841

First Albury Cup horse race 1844

First postmaster appointed 1847

Cricket ground (Alexandra19/8/1876)

First courthouse built 1847

First paddle steamer arrived in Albury, the Albury, 1855

Border Morning Mail first published 1856

Albury was linked to the capital cities by electric telegraph by 1858.

Albury Hospital opened in Thurgoona St 1861.

Hamilton Hume memorial (T&C13/4/1872)(Alexandra19/8/1876)

Union Bridge 1861 (T&C13/4/1872)

Mechanics Institute 1864

Horse race meetings (OMA18/1/79)

Riverine Association 1864 (wanted a new colony)

Public Library 1870

The Albury show (Argus14/10/78)

Would the railway line from Melbourne end in Albury or Wodonga (Argus22/8/68)

It would be better if the Wodonga Albury road was fixed up (Argus18/1/70)

wine industry around Albury (T&C19/3/1870) (T&C1/4/1871)

Albury railway station - line from Sydney completed 1881 (line from Victorian side arrived in 1883)

Representatives from Albury attended a major meeting to plan for the coming of the railways (Argus15/7/67)



What was Albury like in the late 1870s

The basic lay out of the main town area had been completed.

It was also clear that Albury rather than Wodonga was the regional commercial centre with many more shops and other services.

The railway ran from Melbourne to Wodonga and from Sydney to near Albury

W.Davidsons saddliery (Eustace & McCulloch) established 1874

What did the town look like; a visitor looks around the town (T&C26/3/1870) (T&C13/4/1872) (Alexandra12/8/1876)

The Botanical Gardens were opened in 1877.

Albury Banner owned by George Adams, (founded by Samuel Blackmore)

See also (T&C5/4/1873) (T&C27/4/1872) (OMA18/1/79)

Population 3000

Facilities in Albury in the late 1870s

Hotels Austral House Hotel, Archie Blair

Commercial 1842

The Club (T&C2/10/1875)(Alexandra19/8/1876) F Dudley-Walker (argus24/7/1880)

Exchange Hotel, (Lewis Jones) (T&C13/4/1872) (Alexandra19/8/1876)

The Globe TH Webb(T&C13/4/1872) (Alexandra19/8/1876)

Rose Hotel, John Nichols (Argus17/1/81) King (T&C13/4/1872)

Royal Hotel E T Powell (Alexandra12/8/1876)

Kilfoil's (T&C13/4/1872)

Churches Church of England 1857, Rev DE Jones 1875 (T&C13/4/1872)

Catholic Church 1858 , M'Alroy (T&C13/4/1872)

The convent for the Sisters of Mercy 1870

Presbyterian Church 1858 (T&C13/4/1872)

Wesleyan Church 1864

Union Church National School 1856 James M'Laurin , Richardson , Pine , Bousfield (T&C13.4.1872)

School 1862 Olive & Smollett St

Albury Grammar School 1870 Schools Main Streets Bank of New South Wales 1956 (JW Jones)

Commercial Bank 1858 (J Skinner (T&C13/4/1872)) [[../../things/C_community/C_bankt.html|Bank]] Local Government

Railway Station Telegraph Office



Post Office

TH Stone (T&C13/4/1872) Police Station Other things of interest Bridge between Wodonga and Albury, problem (Argus22/1/79)

Auctioneer WA Terrance (T&C2/10/1875)

Moore and Waller (T&C13/4/1872)

Brewerys G. Leish and Co's, O’Keefe’s and Thomson's (T&C13/4/1872)

O'Keefe (Alexandra19/8/1876)

Builders A Frew (T&C13/4/1872)

Butchers Kyle and George Hall (Alexandra12/8/1876)


Dr Robert Newberry Cobbett

Dr Berkeley W Hutchinson

Dr Jeffery J Keatinge

Veen's lemonade factory (Alexandra19/8/1876)

Coach factory EG Robinson (Alexandra19/8/1876)

Hayes Flour Mill (T&C13/4/1872)

Burrows Flour Mill

Newspapers Independent Press (T&C25/9/1875)

Banner (T&C13/4/1872)

Border Post

Shops TH Mate & Co (Alexandra19/8/1876)

James Higgins (T&C13/4/1872)


Loebel (T&C2/10/1875)

Madine and Roe drapers (T&C13/4/1872)

William O'Callaghan (T&C2/10/1875) (Alexandra19/8/1876)

Wolfe Cohen, watchmaker, Higgins draper (Alexandra19/8/1876)

Husing, watchmaker (T&C13/4/1872)

Hunter's ironmongery (T&C13/4/1872)

Mechanic's Institute (T&C13/4/1872)

School of Arts

Albury Hospital, Mr A Wallworth (T&C13/4/1872)

Pastoral and Agricultural Society

Building Society

Masonic, Oldfellows and Foresters Lodges

Catholic Benefit Society

Temperance and Rechabite Society,


Mr Thorold president (T&C13/4/1872)

There was a problem with Mr Whitty and his horse. (Argus27/1/79)

[[../../things/C_community/C_winexl.html|Wine]] cellars JT Fallon, Greer , J D Lankester (T&C19/3/1870) (T&C26/3/1870) (T&C13/4/1872) (Alexandra19/8/1876) (T&C13/5/1871)

Telegraph operator MH Kelly (T&C13/4/1872) M'Gaurin (Alexandra30/3/1878)

Customs Office John swyny, P Joyce (T&C13/4/1872)

Links to the KellyGang

Lots of stolen Victorian horses and cattle were taken over the boarder into New South Wales and sold at Albury by the KellyGang and their supporters in the late 1870s

In October 1878 Nicolson and Sadlier were sent on a goose chase to Albury on the day the KellyGang robbed the National Bank at Euroa. They arrived in Wodonga about midnight and heard about the robbery when they got to Albury. (RC2011)

Sup Singleton was in charge of the police in Albury during the hunt for the KellyGang.

See races at Albury, fire in town (OMA18/1/79)

Members of the Albury community

J Liddle, S Mudge (Argus15/7/67) '

William Moffitt, the bank clerk dies in accident with revolver held as precaution against attack by the KellyGang (Argus)

T H Mate (T&C13/4/1872) (Alexandra19/8/1876)

JH Kirkpatrick (T&C13/4/1872)

James M'Laurin MP (T&C13/4/1872)

Mr George Day, JP, Messrs Thorold. Mofit, North, and Lockhart (T&C13/4/1872)

Captain Marcus Brownrigg - Magistrate (T&C13/4/1872)

Mr E Brown

Mr JH Wood

Mr J K Crommelin

George Day (T&C13/4/1872)

Mayor W M H Edmondson, Esq , and the Council Clerk - Mr S. Mudge. Aldermen M'Lellan, Day, Kirkpatrick, Jones, Solomon, James Day, Liddle, and Gulson (T&C13/4/1872)

What happened at Albury after the time of the KellyGang

What is happening at Albury today