Alexandra Times at KellyGang 12/6/1868

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Mining and, consequently, all other matters, have been very dull here for some time back. This is owing to several causes. The place, in the first instance, was overdone by too many rushing to it, and putting up expensive buildings without consideration. The reefs have not turned out so well as was anticipated from first appearances. The stamper boxes have not given the results that: were expected, by a long way. I am, notwithstanding, fully convinced that the reefs of Maindample will yet give payable results; most of them have been found on the surface, and they have only been followed down 10 to 00 feet. They have not yet been fully tested. At Russell and Taylor's machine there is an occasional crushing. These crushings run from 2dwt. to 3ozs. to the ton. The charge for crushing is very moderate-only 8s. per ton. At present there are 50 tons of stone being carted from Bon's claim to the machine the result of the crushing I will let you know.

The township is now being cut up with building allotments, with the view of having the land sold by public auction. The Mansfield Shire Council has made a pretty good road through the township, perhaps they were afraid we might ask for separation and have given us this to keep us quiet. Should this place ever become a town of that importance, which many persons think it will do, then we must be like our neighbors, and form ourselves into a municipality, and "Paddle our own Canoe."

I had almost forgotten to say that a company of Ballarat miners have just taken up the abandoned ground of the Nildesperandum, which they intend working. A lease is about to be applied for, and the claim will be placed under the Limited Liability Act. The party that has taken up the ground are thoroughly practical men, and will fully test its value.

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