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[First edition]

In making our first appearance at Alexandra on the great and important platform of journalism, we, with all politeness, raise our hat from off our head and, bending our body as gracefully as possible, beg fervently to express the hope that peace, happiness, and prosperity may rest, increase, and abide with all the inhabitants of this growing, extensive, and important district.

We have cast our lot amongst the people of Alexandra, first, in compliance with the expressed wish of a large and influential public meeting, representing the commercial and mining interests of the district ; and, secondly, because we can clearly foresee that Alexandra and the surrounding districts contain the elements of future greatness, progress, and prosperity. Nature has been unusually prolific in distributing around Alexandra gold in great abundance, and, in addition to this, when we look over the splendid alluvial soil and extensive grazing country with which the banks of the Goulburn are surrounded for many miles above and below this township, we are forced to the conclusion that this district is one of the finest for settlement that is to be found in Victoria. In proof of this we need only refer to the progress of our mines and to the steady increase of the population that is establishing permanent homes throughout the district, under the 42nd section of the Land Act.

We shall record the development, of the interests we have referred to, and lay before our readers authentic information regarding mining operations, and all business transactions, accompanied with such facts and figures as will give our readers sufficient data to draw their own conclusions as to the present and perspective value of mining and other property throughout the district. In politics, our views are liberal. In our loyalty ant devotion to our beloved Queen we acknowledge no superior, and although we do not entirely recognize the vox populi as the vox Dei, yet we shall ever be guided in our opinions by the expressed views of the great mass of the people, believing as we do that no sound or safe government can be established that is not founded on the sympathy and support of the majority of the inhabitants of the land.

The important subject of religion we leave to abler pens than ours. We believe that in our "Father's house there are many mansions," and that a place will be found above for many of all creeds and colors, and though we may prefer to worship God according to the ancient custom of our fathers, yet our willing assistance will at all tines be readily given to all denominations and it shall be our careful study to discourage anything approaching sectarian or party strife.

A portion of our space will he placed at the service of those who may feel disposed to express their views on any subject of general interest, even though such views may he opposed to our own, but our columns shall be as strongly barred and bolted against all communications of a scurrilous and personal nature, as are the doors of Newgate Gaol against the escape of a condemned criminal. As nothing tends more to injure a place than personal and party squabbles, we shall endeavour to cultivate harmony, friendship, and good feeling in our community.

In the hurry and confusion necessarily connected with setting of our house in order, we are conscious that many imperfections must have got into this our first issue, both as regards the arrangement of the advertisements, and the substance and style of the reading matter. These imperfections we shall endeavour to correct and avoid in our next issue, and in the mean time we say to you, gentle readers,

"Be to our virtuous very kind,

And to our faults a little blind.'


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