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Lord Lyndhurst, on the second reading of the same bill, on the 27th of April, 1858, after calling attention to the speech of Earl Grey, spoke as follows:--" Our legislature is a species of progressive machine: it consists of three independent powers; and if either power adhere rigidly to its own opinion, the machinery of legislature would, on many occasions, come to a standstill; it is by mutual forbearance and concession that the machine practically works out the great objects of the constitution .. . It is part of our duty to originate legislation; but it is also a most important part of our duty to check tile inconsiderate, hasty, and undigested legislation of the other house: - ? time for consideration; and for consulting and perhaps modifying the opinions of the constitution but I never understood, nor could such a principle be acted upon, that we were to make a determined  persevering stand against the opposition of the other house of parliament, when that ? is backed by the opinion of the people; last of all, on questions affecting, in a certain ? the constitution of that house, and popular ?. If we do make such a stand. we ought to ? are that we stand on a rock." (Idem, p. 1768.)

The three sessions of parliament, two general elections, and several individual contests, ?ding over a period of two years, the ? of Victoria have affirmed that their representatives in the House of Assembly have the right and power to include the Darling river in the Appropriation Bill, and that the council have no right to compel them to pass the Appropriation Bill by striking it.

The people insist, as the people of the land insisted for three hundred years, ? they or (which is the same thing) their representatives shall not be controlled or ?fered with by the Upper House, in the passing and appropriating of the taxes. The members of the Lower House are obliged to face their constituents every three years, and the people have thereby ample control over them. The Upper House is responsible only to 9,000 electors, and hold their seats for ten years. The result to the popular interests, if the Upper House can sustain their present position of dogged resistance to the will of the people, is a subject of the deepest interest, and we shall resume the consideration of it in our next issue.



The Homeward Bound Prospecting claim had a crushing last Saturday of 40 tons of quartz, yielding 509oz. 16dwt., and 17 tons of mullock, which gave 26oz. 6dwt.—in all 535oz. 16dwt. A dividend of £119 5s, per 16th share was paid on Saturday last, which with wages amounted to nearly £2,000 distributed by this company in one day for about six weeks work. One satisfactory feature connected with this claim is that this large sum-both wages and dividends-is retained in the immediate neighborhood, and will go to advance the prosperity and develop the resources of the district, in one form or another. The Company has been 'registered, but scrip will not be issued until the 5th inst

Albert Company, No. 2 Lucky.-This claim which has now yielded 6,075 ounces of gold from 792 tons of stone to date - as shown by the returns published in another column-crushed last week 160 tons including mullock, the yield being 387 oz.


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