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2, That we the undersigned are of opinion that the disseverance prayed for will operate prejudicially to the interests of this riding, as well as to that of the Shire of Alexandra.

3. That the present boundary between the Shire of Alexandra and the Shire of Mansfield is conterminous with the electoral divisions of Dalhousie and the Murray District t and that the alteration sought for in the said petition would create unnecessary confusion in the preparation of the electoral rolls.

4. That the township of Gobur is by far the most populous locality in the riding, and is distant from Mansfield at least 30 miles, while from Alexandra it is only 14 miles.

5. That the nearest route by which the Eastern Provinces Railway will be reached from Alexandra and the townships and goldfields on the Upper Goulburn is through Gobur.

6. That the ratepayers of Alexandra have in public meeting, held, on the 16th instant. resolved, that the funds of the shire available for the formation of a main road to meet the said railway shall be expended on the route via Gobur to Longwood.

7. That a pledge has been given to the Shire of Alexandra by the Post-Office Department, that on the completion of the said road there shall be a daily mail to Alexandra through Gobur.

Your Memorialists therefore pray that your Excellency will take the above matters into your consideration, and will refuse the prayer of the said petition.

And, as in duty bound, your memorialists will ever pray, &c., &c.

Mr Fenton said that he rose with the intention oaf seconding the motion submitted to the meeting, but before doing so he would take that opportunity at asking Mr Smith whether he would consent to stand ns a candidate for the Merton Riding, as in the event of his doing so, there could be no doubt of his being almost unanimously elected, and they would then have a pledge that justice would be done to Gobur.

Mr Smith relied that although it was quite contrary to his intention to take a seat in the Alexandra Shire Council, still rather than see any dismemberment of the shire as it at present stood, he would consent to become a candidate.

This announcement was received with immense cheering, and a resolution was passed pledging the meeting to support Mr Smith.

Mr Fenton then seconded the adoption of the memorial.

The meeting was afterwards addressed by Messrs Whitelaw, Blythman, Downing, and Fenton.


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