Alexandra Times at KellyGang 3/11/1868 (2)

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The place that bears this name is a slow, steady, quiet, respectable little country village. Time has given a mellow appearance to all the buildings of the place, and no attempt has been made to erect more than one house at once. There is no immediate danger of the township outgrowing its strength. In addition to the three respectable hotels already established, a fourth, and very extensive one is about being completed. Mr M'Leich, the proprietor of the building, is one of the ancient inhabitants of Yea. He is known as a slow but sure canny Scotch man, who never does anything in a hurry, and this may account for the time it has taken to erect the new hotel which was started over twelvemonths ago, and may be finished in the course of three months more at the present progress. However, when it is completed it will be a credit to the builder and an ornament to the township. The Court-house is a neat building, and nicely fitted up inside. There is not much business transacted in it as the people are honest and by no means fond of law. The fact that there is but one lawyer in the place may fully account for the happy state of things.

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