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Local and General News

An extra day's racing was provided by the Stewards on Saturday last as a wind-up to the Alexandra Races. There was a very fair attendance on the course, and the weather was all that could be desired for the occasion. The proceedings commenced with the Free Handicap of £20, for which the following horses started :-Lord of Clyde, Huntsman, Minnie Warren, Wee Mick, Vagabond, Maud, and Moscow. A good start was effected, Minnie; Warren and Vagabond going away with the lead. They were soon overhauled by Huntsman and Maud, and a fine race took place between these two. Coming down the straight, Huntsman gradually drew ahead, and came in a wiener. Moscow, who came with a rush at the finish, beat Maud for second place by about a length. The next event was the Invalid. Handicap, £10, for which Wee Mick, Cruiskeen. Liver and Bacon, and Figaro put in an appearance. The race was won by Wee Mick after a sharp struggle with Cruiskeen. A private race or two wound up the sport, and our picturesque little racecourse was soon left in its normal state of peacefulness for another twelve months.

It will be seen by reference to our advertising columns, that a very good programme has been provided for the Godfrey's Creek races, which take place on Friday, 17th inst, St Patrick's Day. The Stewards have wisely limited the racing to one day's good sport, instead of two days of meagre enjoyment in witnessing indifferent fields of horses running for paltry prizes. The Handicap will no doubt attract the attention of owners of good horses, and we shall look forward to seeing a large number of acceptances for this race. The good sport that may reasonably be expected, coupled with the festive nature of the day, ought certainly to induce a large gathering on the occasion.

In the Merton Riding of the Alexandra Shire, Constable White reports that there are 48 grog shanties, and only 3 licensed public houses. There is something wrong in this, and it should be altered as speedily as possible.

The picnic given to the children attending the Common School and Sunday School on Tuesday last was numerously attended, there being present about 150 young folks, with a considerable portion of their parents. The day was going off with great glee, when the naughty rain came, and put a stop to the fun. Very stupid of the rain to come on that day, to wet so many nice frocks and knickerbockers.

A circular has been issued to district land surveyors, containing a direction relative to applications for lands which may have been exempted from occupation after having been marked out and applied for, or for lands shown on plans as merely departmental reserves. The direction is as follows:- "Applications can be heard by local land boards on their merits, where land has been pegged out and subsequently exempted, or where lands are only departmentally reserved."

The following regulation under the Land Act has been gazetted. - "The fee to be charged for the transfer of a license issued under the 42nd section of the Amending Land Act. 1865, is hereby fixed at £i for each license transferred, This regulation is to take effect from and after the 10th day of November 1870."

The regulations under the taw Insolvency Act, which came in force on the let of February, have been gazetted and are now in operation. The same Gazette contained the appointment of the judges if the various county court districts (except the judge in Melbourne) as judges of the insolvency districts, and the sittings of the Insolvent Court are to be held on days on which county courts are or may hereafter be appointed to beholden at these places.


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