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June. 28

From the inundated state of the surrounding country for the last two or three weeks, one is almost impressed with the idea that the rook-bound girdle of the South Pacific had been rent, and that the turbulent surges of the profound deep had found their way amongst us, for surely I have not seen such a flooded state of the place for some years past. Should matters continue thus for a much longer period, we shall have no difficulty in taking a sail hence to the Goulburn, and thence via Adelaide to any other part of the world. The rain has been incessant, day and night; and gives one the idea of what might be the effect of all the shower-baths in the universe suspended over our heads and pumping kept up con anima for the especial benefit of the unwashed. I hope that we are all' now sufficiently washed, at least for a time, and that we will have a few weeks' fine weather for a change.

In mining matters we are making another effort to conquer past misfortunes. The Triumph Company, alter using every effort to bale the fat dry for the last six or seven months, has given up. This mine might, I believe, have been let on tribute many months ago, but hold out for a heavier percentage, not considering the time and money lost, as well as the injury that the workings would inevitably sustain by the suspension of active underground, operations. Some few months ago this mine was taken on tribute by an adventurer named Ross, who, after filcbing the public to the tune of something like a hundred or more pounds by selling shares in the tribute company in Melbourne, put in an appearance on Gobur, accompanied by some half-dozen wharf rats, who could not tell the difference between the mouth of a shaft and the cellar door of a twopenny beer-shop. As might be expected under such circumstances, the party soon came to grief, and unpleasant revelations of sharp practices occupied the attention of our police courts, which went to show what stratagems men will resort to to make a "rise." The mine has recently been taken on tribute by Mr Dillon, late of Sandhurst, and active operations are in process with, I believe, satisfactory results. There is an amount of "dead work" to be done in this claim, for which the company have made every allowance to the tributors.

The Victory has again been let on tribute to the men lately employed there. This company deserve the greatest commendation for their unflagging energy, steady perseverance, and honorable discharge of every liability incurred by them, and they have the best wishes of the district for the ultimate success of the claim. The mine was inspected a few days ago, by special request, by Mr Dillon, for the purpose of reporting upon the state of the underground workings, &c. I have not yet learned his opinion with regard to the survey.

A few days ago Mr Ayers, manager of the Triumph, whilst engaged in doing some slight repair to the blow-off, had a narrow escape from being severely scalded. The plug, without the slightest warning, blew out, and as a few pounds of steam was on the boiler at the time, Mr Ayers sustained a very severe scald of the face and arms; he is now however, convalescent.

Messrs Cunmings and Co., of the Just-in-Time Quartz Mining Co., are about to make preparations for the erection of machinery. This will be a boon to the place, as there are many small reefs that would pay to work if a crushing plant were within easy distance.

We had a visit from that euphoniously designated municipal official yclept "the dog man," to the consternation of the owners of dogs generally, and of those over six months particularly. One old dame persistently maintained that her little dog had not yet "crossed the line," that is, the line mid-way down the annual calendar whereby dogs attain their legal majority, and are made to pay taxes; but the shrewd official titillated the aforesaid juvenile canine quadruped by means of at short stick, which I presume he carried for such purposes, until be raised the ire of the otherwise docile animal, upon which, in the natural order of things, it exhibited its dentals, to the apparent joy of the operator, who immediately exclaimed, "Won't wash, missns! down with the mopusses. Why it's nearly two year old." Every man to his trade.

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