Alexandra and Yea Standard, Gobur, Thornton and Acheron Express at KellyGang 5/4/1879

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Mr Edward Monks, of Wombat, received another threatening letter on Saturday night last through the Mansfield Post-office. The envelope had the Melbourne and St Kilda postmarks, dated 24th March, and addressed "Mr E Monks, Mansfield." Mr Monks placed the letter in the hands of H H Kitchen, JP, who handed it over to Sub inspector Pewtress, to whose prompt action the, success of the .late action in Walter Lynch's case is duo. Mr Pewtress and Senior constable James are working with energy to discover the writer, and already they believe they have some clue. The following is a copy of the letter :-" Melbourne, March 23, 1879.-Sir,-I have watched the case of my friend Walter Lynch for writing a letter to you, and I thought up to the last that you would try and got him off with a light sentence, but now that he has been sentenced to two years hard labour,'I intend, with the aid of my friends who live in Mansfield, to put an end to you. We may not do it just now, but if you attempt to aid the police in the capture of the Kelly gang you shall be tormented 'to death, if I am hung for it. Mind what I said to you ; .but I am not going into particulars, only just warning you for what you may expect and shall receive at my hands,-I remain, ANOTHER KELLY SYMPATHER AT LARGE. Mr Monk, Wombat." There is an attempt at disguise in the hand writing, as some of the capital M's are written differently.

[note this paper copied other reports of this matter]

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