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Ann Jane Sherritt Jnr

Importance of Ann Jane Sherritt

Ann Jane Sherritt was Aaron Sherritt's sister who helped him as a police agent??. Det Ward even called me a 'secret, cunning, good girl, and I have proved her to be that' I don't think I ever liked being called that Links to the KellyGang , Early Years , Murders at Stringy Bark Creek , Sebastopol Cavalcade , Euroa Robbery , Jerilderie Robbery , First Cave Party , Hare replaced by Nicolson , Second Cave Party , Nicolson replaced by Hare , Death of Aaron Sherritt , Glenrowan Siege , Reward Board , Ned Kelly's Trial , Royal Commission , Early career , Later career , Family , Ann Jane's family

Father John, Mother Anne , Brothers and Sisters Aaron 1855, Elizabeth (Bessie) 1856, John (Jack)1858, William George 1860, Anne Jane 1862, Julia Frances 1864, Esther 1867, Mary 1869, Maria 1872, Martha 1875, Family ??

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Early Years I was born in 1858. There was some thought that I might marry Paddy Byrne at on stage Jerilderie Robbery 10/2/1879 After the robbery Aaron helped Sup Hare with a search party watching Mrs Byrne's place. After this Mrs Byrne suspected Aaron of being a police agent and she broke off the relationship between Aaron and her daughter Catherine. Aaron retaliated by taking Catherine's horse back and that made Mrs Byrne even more upset. She even threatened that she would get the KellyGang to shoot him. Later she charged Aaron with stealing the horse but he was finally acquitted (RC13165)

Second Cave Party 12/1879-4/1880 I used to help with my family with the work of supplying the police at the cave.

I was working in Beechworth for a dress maker at the time (RC5512)

Nicolson replaced by Hare 2/6/1880 After Joe Byrne had visited my mother in late May 1880 I went and visited Mrs Byrne who asked me about Det Ward's visit to mum. This is her account of my visit

'..and who should come up but Joe Byrne, leading a horse, and Dan Kelly. Each of them was leading one and riding another. Mrs. Byrne then came out-there was a whistle-it is a very thick scrubby place, and after a little bit Ned Kelly and Hart came on foot, from the back of the place like, and those two came up the front of the house like, so, and got their provisions. There was some bread and I think it was boiled bacon, and then Patsy Byrne went up the Woolshed and he brought down something in a bottle and gave it to them, and Patsy -Joe Byrne's brother-said, "Which way did you come?" and Joe says, "The way we always come. We came down the steepest part of Wall's Gully."'(RC13207) see also (RC14187)

Det Ward described me as a secret, cunning, good girl, and he said that he had proved me to be that. (RC14188)

On one occasion I told Det Ward that I received a letter from Mrs. Byrne to go and see her, and Mrs. Byrne told me then that Joe Byrne and Dan Kelly called at the Black Dog Creek. Joe Byrne gave a letter to Mrs. Byron to deliver it to Mrs. Byrne. Mrs. Byron, not being on good terms with Mrs. Byrne, she sent the letter by her husband to Batchelor, who lives next door to Byrne, which he delivered to Mrs. Byrne. We had enquiries made, and found that Byron was at Batchelor's just about the time, and that is how I proved her to be true to me.

Death of Aaron Sherritt 26/6/1880 The police did not seem to help Aaron Kelly Reward Board I applied for part of the reward but they would not recognise my help. (RC5523) Royal Commission I did not give evidence at the Royal Commission Later Years


I married Henry Story and we had 3 children. I died in 1936

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