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Anne Kelly was Ned Kelly's eldest sister and Alexander Gunn was her husband


Anne's father Red Kelly mother Ellen Quinn brothers and sisters Mary Jane, Anne, Edward (Ned), Margaret (Maggie) , James , Daniel (Dan) , Catherine (Kate) , Grace, half brother and sisters Ellen 74, John 75 and Alice 78 husband Alex Gunn

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Anne Kelly's life I was born at Beveridge in November 1853

When we moved to Avenel I went to school there.

In October 1869 Ah Fook came to our house near Greta and he alledged that he was robbed by Ned Kelly. The charge was not proved and ned got off.

I married Alex Gunn on 9/4/1869 in the Catholic Church in Wangratta by Father George Gallen

We had a daughter Ellen who died soon after her birth in 1871, about the time when my dear husband was arrested by the police.

Ian Jones reported that on 2/1/1872 Const Flood escorted Ned Kelly's sister Annie from Greta to Benalla to give evidence in a case involving Andrew Johnson, and Phillip and James McIntosh and the thieft of my horse.

He says that we stopped on the way home and that Const Flood started an affair with me. At this time my husband, Alexander Gunn was in goal.

I died soon after on November 1872, two days after I gave birth to Const Flood's daughter. The child lived for about a year before she died.

Photograph Alexander's Gunn's life My parents were William Hill Gunn & Isabella Gunn (nee Munro) from Perthshire Scotland.

I was born in Scotland in 1841.

We travelled to Australia aboard a ship named the "Ida" and departed Liverpool England 25/3/1853 and arrived in Melbourne Australia on 12/7/1853

My brothers and sisters included Yeamon, William, Christina and Anne.

I had a selection near Winton which was taken off me when I could not pay the rent.

I then moved to Greta and worked for a farmer.

I knew Ned Kelly when he was going around with Harry Power.

I also knew Wild Wright and many of the other key players in the story of the KellyGang.

In 1869 I married Annie Kelly in Wangaratta.

In April 1871 Wild Wright came for a visit. Ned Kelly rode one of Wright's horses and was charged. It would apprear that Wright did own the animal. I was also arrested by Const Hall with stealing a horse owned by William Adair. (Argus31/5/71)

Ann died in November 1872 (Ensign15/11/1872)

I wrote to the Argus (Argus27/11/78) I was living at Begowan Farm, Benalla,

I used to 'ride' with the Kellys and Wild Wright (OMA11/1/1879)

I remarried and we had a son, Robert Ferguson Gunn.

I died at Glen Innes in 1925. My brother Jim said that I was dead in 1911.(BWC)

What happend to our family