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Side of Authority
This page contains content from police and those who supported authority.

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Ford Street


The court house was built in 1858 it has changed little over the years.

Importance of Beechworth Court

The court was used on a regular basis. Most of the criminal trials of the key members were held in this court including Mrs Kelly and her son Ned Kelly.



What was Beechworth Court like in the late 1870s

It was a significant part of the town and housed sittings of the magistrates court, coronial inquests, criminal trials and the Supreme Court of Victoria.

Some were not happy at taking cases from all over North Eastern Victoria to Beechworth (Ensign25/4/1873)

Mr E N Moore was the assistant clerk of courts. (OMA11/2/1879)

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Many of the significant trails that involved the KellyGang took place in the Beechworth Court House.

In 1864 Tom Lloyd and Jack Lloyd were convicted of horse stealing at Beechworth and sentenced to 3 years

In February 1864 James Quinn was charged with horse stealing at Beechworth and sentenced to 12 months

On 19/10/1865 Jack Lloyd was convicted of cattle stealing at Beechworth and sentenced to 5 years

In April 1870 Patrick Quinn was charged with grievous bodily harm - and in Beechworth sentenced to 4 years.

In 1868 James Kelly convicted of arson after he set fire to the place where Ellen Kelly was living with her children at Greta. He was sentenced to death by Judge Barry. The sentence was commuted by the government.

In September 1873 Anton Wicks charged Joe Byrne with stealing his horse. The case was heard by Magistrate Butler. Mr Zinckle defended Joe Byrne. Magistrate Butler also heard the case brought bt Mrs Kelly against Bill Frost in Benalla

In October 1878 the Supreme Court sat in Beechworth and at that session William Baumgarten and Samuel Kennedy were finally convicted in relation to the recieving horses that had been stolen from James Whitty. William was sentenced by Mr Justice Redmond Barry to 4 years and Samuel recieved 6 years in goal

Trial of Mrs Kelly

At the same session Barry presided over the trial of Mrs Kelly, William Skillion and William Williamson where they were convicted as a result of their part in the Fitzpatrick incident (OMA10/10/1878)

The remand hearings against the sympathisers

The sympathisers were remanded from week to week for about 6 weeks. Many of those hearings were held in the Beechworth court hose

The sympathizers arrested under the Felons Act were held in the Beechworth Gaol and remanded from week to week by the court. See (OMA24/1/1879)

28/2/1879 Tom Lloyd sentenced to 3 months in Beechworth Gaol for indecent assault

Case against Aaron Sherritt for hose stealing

Mr Foster presided over the case brought by Mrs Byrne against Aaron Sherritt for horse stealing. (OMA15/7/79) (OMA17/7/79) (OMA24/7/79) (OMA26/7/79) (OMA29/7/79)

Ned Kelly's committal hearing

Ned Kelly's committal hearing was held in Beechworth. (Argus6/8/80) (Argus7/8/80) (Argus8/8/80) (Age9/8/80) (Argus9/8/80) (Age10/8/80) (Argus10/8/80) (Age11/8/80) (Argus11/8/80) (Argus12/8/80) (JJK)

Reason why Ned Kelly's trial was not held in Beechworth (Argus20/8/80)

Mrs Jones hearing

Mrs Jones was brought before the court in Beechworth for her role at the Glenrowan siege. (RC10544)

What is happening at the Beechworth Court House today

The Court House is now open to the public with all its original furniture and tells its story to visitors KellyGang