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Side of Authority
This page contains content from police and those who supported authority.


at the top of Forde Street


Importance of Beechworth Gaol

The Kellys met Joe Byrne and Steve Hart in Beechworth Gaol

The Gaol was the major prison in North Eastern Victoria



What was Beechworth Gaol like in the late 1870s

Some were not happy at taking cases from all over North Eastern Victoria to Beechworth, particularly after the railway arrived (Ensign25/4/1873)

Mr Thompson was the governor of the Gaol in early 1879

The twelve members of the artillery force, under Sergeant O'Neill, are quartered in the gaol, where two of them were always on duty (OMA 7/1/1879)

By the time of Ned Kelly's committal Mr Williams was the Governor (Age6/8/1880) (Argus10/8/80) (kilmore12/8/1880)

Facilities in Beechworth Gaol in the late 1870s

The Gaol was not a nice place to spend any time. The outer wall is solid granite. The cells are small and isolated from each other. Don't event think of any modern plumbing, a bucket in the corner of the cell for a toilet, a tiny slit for light and air and a hatch in the door for communications when the guards wanted to talk. Hot in summer and really cold in winter.

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In 1869 Ned Kelly spent nearly 2 months in the Gaol on remand on a charge of being an accomplice of Harry Power He was about 13 The charge was dismissed.

Harry Power spent time in the Gaol before he was transferred to Pentridge prison.

In November 1870 Ned Kelly was imprisoned for 3 months in Beechworth Gaol for assault and lewd behaviour for assaulting Jeremiah McCormack.

In August 1871 Ned Kelly spent 18 months in the Gaol before being transferred to Pentridge prison to serve the rest of a 3 year sentence on a charge of receiving a stolen mare

In 1873 James Kelly arrived in Beechworth Gaol for 5 years for cattle duffing. (Ensign22/4/1873)

In 1876 Aaron Sherritt and Joe Byrne served 6 months in Beechworth Gaol for illegal possession of meat

In January 1877 Joe Byrne served 6 months forin Beechworth Gaol for assaulting a Chinaman who tried to stop me swimming in the Woolshed dam.

In July 1877 Steve Hart with his brother Richard Hart and John OBrien served a time in Beechworth after being found guilty of horse stealing

On 19 October 1877 Dan Kelly and Tom and Jack Lloyd served 3 months in Beechworth Gaol for the assault on David Goodman

After being arrested for the assault on Const Fitzpatrick, Mrs Kelly, William Williamson and William Skillion were held in the Beechwoth Gaol.

Com Standish issued warrants for the arrest of about twenty of the sympathizers; they were all arrested on 2/1/1879 and remanded to Beechworth, and they were kept in the Gaol, most of them were in custody here untill 22/4/1879. (RC2029) (OMA7/1/1879) (JJK)

The sympathizers were photographed while in Beechworth Gaol (Argus27/1/79)

28/2/1879 Tom Loyd sentenced to 3 months for indecent assault.

On 1/8/1880 Ned Kelly was taken by train from the Melbourne Gaol to the Beechworth Gaol for his committal (RC5495) (Argus2/8/80)

Prior to this the woden main gate of the Gaol was replaced for fear that the mob might try to break into the Gaol to free Ned Kelly

What is happening at the Beechworth Gaol today

The Gaol has been closed and the site is being redeveloped Do you know what this is , could it have been a Baby cradle from Beechworth Gaol . If you have any information please [1]