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near Wodonga , west of Albury, near what is now the shore of Lake Hume


see also Bethanga, the squatting run

Importance of Bethanga

What was Bethanga like in the late 1870s

The gold rush (Alexandra12/8/1876) Photograph


Facilities in Bethanga in the late 1870s

Population Hotels Commercial (J Clbert)

Sawmill (W Askew) Churches Schools Bank yes Main Streets Local Government Police Station Const J Dwyer was stationed at Bethanga (RC9387) Telegraph Office

Post Office opened in 1876

John Foster post master

Postal route from Wodonga to Tintaldra via Bonegilla, Bethanga, Talgarno, Bungil, Thologolong, Burrowye, Jingellic, Walwa - Crawford & Co Other things of interest Bethanga Racing Club - started in 1877 Meeting on St Patrick's day

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Members of the Bethanga community

What happened at Bethanga after the time of the KellyGang

What is happening at Bethanga today