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near the Hume Highway between Craigieburn and Wallan, just north of Melbourne


Importance of Beveridge

Ned Kelly was born at Beveridge

What was Beveridge like in the late 1870s



Facilities in Beveridge in the late 1870s

'Population Hotels Mrs Wall ran the hotel in 1876 Churches Schools Bank Main Streets Local Government '

' Post Office' Other things of interest Mr O'Connor ran the store at Beveridge in 1876

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Ellen Kelly 's sister Helen Ryan and her husband Timothy lived at Beveridge.

The Kellys came to Beverage to be near Helen and Tim

Ned Kelly was born to Red and Ellen Kelly in a farm on the side of Big Hill near Beveridge in December 1854*

Maggie Kelly was born on 15/6/1857.

Joe Ryan was born at Beveridge

Members of the Beveridge community

What happened at Beveridge after the time of the KellyGang

What is happening at Beveridge today