Boggy Creek

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see Bullock Creek.

The Country around Boggy Creek

Head waters

Down Stream

The water in Boggy Creek finishes up in the Ovens River near Moyhu (Argus13/9/83) Map


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According to Ned Kelly in the Cameron letter James Whitty and Burn were the largest squatters on Boggy Creek.

See also the Jerilderie Letter

On about 29/10/1878 SConst Kelly and his search party had intended going to Moyhu after they had visited Greta, but it got very dark and commenced to thunder and lighten about four miles on the Boggy Creek. They camped here and it was raining all night. They had no tents. The rest of the men had a small blue blanket each, but SConst Kelly had none. (RC7982)

What was Boggy Creek like in the late 1870's

By the mid 1860s the area around Boggy Creek was being selected.

Properties and Towns in the area

What happened in the area of Boggy Creek after the time of the KellyGang

How has the Boggy Creek area changed

What is happening at the area of Boggy Creek today