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Importance of Mr Bowman

I was a solicitor who represented Mrs Kelly and the others after the Fizpatrick incident

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Fitzpatrick Incident 15/04/1878 On 9 October 1878 I represented Mrs Kelly, William Skillion and William Williamson at their trail in the Supreme Court in Beechworth before Mr Justice Redmond Barry. The crown was represented by Mr Chomley. They had a strong case with evidence from Constable Fitzpatrick, David Lindsay the shanty keeper of Winton who Fitzpatrick reported to immediately and Dr Nicholson.

I decided that our best defence was to show that Fitpatrick's story could not be relied upon. We had Francis Harty and Joseph Ryan to show that Skillion could not have been there. Chomley managed to get to them in his cross examination and I could see that we were going to have problems. In the event they were found guilty and sent to gaol. See (OMA10/10/1878)

Photograph Trial of Sympathizers I prosecuted and represented some of the sympathizers on remand in Beechworth .(Argus20/1/79) (Argus27/1/79) (Argus3/2/79) (OMA30/1/1879) (Argus10/2/79) (OMA11/2/1879) (Argus17/2/79) (Argus19/2/79) (OMA20/2/79) (Argus26/2/79) (OMA27/2/79) (Argus23/4/79)

How did I come to not appear for the prosecution (Argus27/1/79)

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