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One of the places visited by the KellyGang

Nearest towns

The orangery is on the lower slopes of the Warby Ranges and looks east, out towards the Great Dividing Range. Just North of Glenrowan.

The road from Glenrowan to Wangaratta came out near the orangery. (RC5609)

History at Briens Orangery before the KellyGang

The orangery was one of the first commercial orchards in the area.

It was on a selection from ?



What was Brien's orangery like in the late 1870's

The orangery was producing fruit

Links to the KellyGang

On 9/11/1878 Const Johnson took out a search party. He arranged to meet Insp Brook Smith at the orangery in the morning. (RC12395)

Did we feed the KellyGang after they crossed the Wangaratta rail bridge and went into the Warby Ranges soon after the murders at stringy Bark Creek? (RC1290)

Const Johnson followed the KellyGang's tracks to the summit of the Warby Range immediately over the orange grove over Bryan's place, where they had evidently camped-where the horses had been camped for the night (RC12399)

The police and KellyGang spent long hours playing hide and seek in these hills. Sgt Steele took police search party searching for KellyGang near Brien's orangery

Rivers Creeks and Hills near Brien's orangery

What happened at Brien's orangery after the time of the KellyGang

What is happening at Brien's orangery today

There is still an orangery in the area, is it the same one?