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On the Buckland River


Thomas Buckland settled in the district in 1845.

Buckland was part of the Ovens gold field when gold was found there in 1853. Within a short time the town was full of life. Hare was a gold escort officer in the 1850s from Buckland to Beechworth. (FH)

But it suffered a number of disasters.

Within twelve months of its settlement the town had a population of 6000.

Typhoid spread through the diggings and about 1000 people died in a short time.

The Buckland diggings had a large Chinese population (about 3000 in 1857). (Argus22/8/60)

There was a very serious !!MISSING agains the Chinese in that year and many had to flee from the area before police from Beechworth could restore order.

Morses Creek (Argus15/8/65) (Argus30/10/65) Gold production (Alexandra24/5/1872)



What was Buckland like in the late 1870s

Water rights was an important issue on the gold fields (Argus2/4/61) (Argus31/8/61) (Argus12/3/62)

By the 1870's gold mining had largely ended and for many the great days of Buckland were in the past. (Argus22/1/76) Gold production (Alexandra24/5/1872)

Today few traces of the town remain

Hotel School? Post Office there was a postal route between Porepunkah and Buckland via Lower Buckland Other things of interest Funerals

Joseph Jarvis

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Hare was stationed at Buckland in 1855 (RC1303)

Ned Kelly had a run in with Ah Fook, a pig hawker from Morses Creek in 1869

According to Bricky Williamson in his report the KellyGang used to get provisions from a store near Buckland that was operated by Mike Millar.

The Chinese detective had been employed; a Chinese handbill was issued to follow up on this (RC5846)

There were also reports that the KellyGang was being supplied by a Chinese store keeper at Buckland (RC5843)

The Buckland police station was closed in 1899

Members of the Buckland community

Sgt: John Cope Garnett and Const Thomas Duffy were stationed at Buckland

Ah Sing, fowl dealer (Argus17/11/71)

Key Yet, Min Ting pig dealers (Argus17/11/71)

What is happening at Buckland today -

' ' ' Today most of the area is covered by a National Park' ' ' ' ' ' '