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One of the properties in the Kelly Country

History at Bungamara before the KellyGang

First up taken up in ?

Where did the name Bungamara come from

The original aboriginal owners

The effect of selectors



Original neighbouring properties

What was Bungamara like in the late 1870's

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On about 1/11/1878 SConst Kelly and his search party came from Hedi to Bungamara station. Near there they met the outlaws' uncle, Jack Quinn, George Johnson, and a man of the name of Thomas, alias Galloping Jack. The police had a conversation with them, and they said they were looking for cattle. The police stopped at Bungamara station that night, and met Sergeant Steele and some constables with him. (Argus5/11/78)(RC7983) see also (RC17651)

Rivers Creeks and Hills near Bungamara

Bungamara was on the King River. (RC17651)

What happened at Bungamara after the time of the KellyGang

What is happening at Bungamara today