Charles De Boos' Seven Creeks hotel

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The hotel was on the Sydney Road in Euroa. (Argus12/12/78)(RC2149)

I was the CR of the Tent of the Ark of the Tent of the Independent Order of Rachabites at Euroa (Ensign11/4/1873)

I was said to have a good singing voice. I sang 'Her Bright Smile Raunts me Still', 'Belle Brandon' and 'Do They Miss Me at Home ' I was the panist for the evening.

My wife supplied the piano (Ensign26/5/1875)

Importance of the Hotel

The North Eastern Hotel was built by Charles Lane DeBoos, one of Euroa's original residents

What was the North Eastern Hotel like in the late 1870s



Links to the KellyGang

See (Alexandra14/12/1878)

Mr DeBoos gave evidence in the case against Mr Gould. (OMA18/1/1879)

What happened at the North Eastern Hotel after the time of the KellyGang

The DeBoos family helped Jacob Wilson out when he was driven out of his home at Greta by the Kellys after Glenrowan. (RC4549)

The North Eastern was kept by Sutherland in 1881.

What is happening at the Hotel today