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Side of Authority
This page contains content from police and those who supported authority.

Const Harry Richards

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Importance of Const Richards

Stationed at Jerilderie Links to the KellyGang , Early Years , Jerilderie Robbery , Ned Kelly's Trial , Royal Commission , Early service , Later service , Family , Photograph

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Early Years Born - 1856 Photograph

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Jerilderie Robbery 10/2/1879 I was a young constable . When the KellyGang came to Jerrilderie they locked up the police. When the KellyGang came to the police station I got up first and was soon followed outside by Const Devine. We were both undressed and not prepared to meet the KellyGang. Ned Kelly told the us about a row in the town of Jerilderie. After he had established that all the police were outside he brought out a revolver and threatened Const Devine. Joe Byrne threatened me. The KellyGang then got the keys to the lock up and locked the us in the watch house and then took our horses and put them in the police stables and gave them a good feed. After this the KellyGang went inside and escorted our wives and children into a room and appointed Steve Hart to guard us. Our families were threatened with our lives if they escaped .

Sunday 9 February 1879

On Sunday morning the KellyGang allowed Mrs Devine to move around the police station to create an atmosphere of normality. She cleaned out the Court House for Church and set it up for the service under the watchful eye of Joe Byrne. The Court House is still standing and is used as the town library. Dan Kelly and Steve Hart dressed themselves up as policemen and had a good look around the town.

Later in the day Joe Byrne and Steve Hart, dressed as police took me for a walk around the town. During this time the members of the KellyGang checked out the position of the bank and the other main buildings in the town.

Monday 10 February 1879

At about 11am the KellyGang locked the police ladies and children in the watchouse with Const Devine. Ned Kelly and Dan Kelly, dressed as police, then walked into town with me. Steve Hart and Joe Byrne followed on horse back.

After the robbery Ned Kelly and Joe Byrne escorted Mr Jefferson and young Rankin across to the Royal Mail Hotel, and from there to the police barracks and they were locked up with SConst Devine and myself.

The KellyGang said their final farewells at the Travellers Rest Hotel and left town saying that they were going to hold up the Urana coach. Ned Kelly

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Ned Kelly's Trial

I gave evidence of Ned Kelly's speech at Jerildeie on !!MISSING at his trial in Melbourne.(Age 30/11) (Argus30/10/80) (JJK) Early Service , height - 5'7", eyes - Hazel, hair - Brown, complexion - Sallow, native of - , Single, calling - Dairyman, religion - Protestant, general appearance - Good, district - South Western, probationery constable 15/1/1878, 1st class constable 1/7/1880, date of leaving the force 6/8/1882, cause of leaving the force - Resignation. Later Service As I didn't resign till August 1882 my involvement at Jerilderia back in Feb 1879 appears to have nothing to do with my resignation from the Force (except maybe for post traumatic stress conditions).

One would think that a dishonourable discharge would have taken place back in 1879 or 1880 however, I was made a 1st Class Constable in Jul of 1880 and that promotion took place after the Jerilderie incident.

I still have doubts and an odd taste in the mouth re my fiancee though.

We wonder who she was??? And if it was true as reported??"

I was engaged to a young lady, we don't know who, and as a consequence of the robbery at Jerilderie, she broke off the engagement as she, so the story goes, didn't believe I had behaved like a man during the holdup.

I never married.

I took up land at Towamba in New South Wales


I never married

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