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Side of Authority
This page contains content from police and those who supported authority.

Importance of Foot Const Twomey

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Stringybark Creek Murders 26/10/1878 I informed Insp Brook Smith that there was information that the KellyGang were on the Wodonga flats, so he asked me to go to the railway station to get a truck ready to convey the horses by the next train the nearest way to the flats. We boxed the horses and went by the next train as far as Chiltern. There was a telegram there awaiting and it instructed Insp Brook Smith and his men to remain at Wangaratta, and that Sgt Harkin and I were to proceed to the Wodonga flats and to assist Kennedy and his party there.(RC17447)


Mrs Delaney told me about the KellyGang going under the railway bridge. (RC17415)

At about 12.15 pm in the morning of 4/11/1878, as Sgt Steele travelled through Wangaratta, on the police special train from Benalla to Beechworth I had a conversation with him at the railway station. I called him out of the van, where he was in company with about 16 other mounted men. I told him I had reliable information that the KellyGang had passed-that is, four young men riding four horses, two pack-horses in front with two heavy packs on each horse, and four others running bare-back in front of them; but the informant could not state whether the four horses running in front belonged to the party, as there had been horses running on the common there. He suggested that I talk to Insp Brooke Smith about the matter. (RC17403) See also (RC8856)(RC14075)(RC17488)

I got to see Insp Brooke Smith at about 2am. He sent me off with Const Hayes to see Mrs Delaney and her 2 sons John and Daniel who made the citing of the KellyGang. We returned at 5.45am. Const Walsh was the senior constable in Wangaratta. (RC17309)(RC17408)

I was disgusted after my night's work. I was wet to the skin, and no steps taken after that. (RC17443)

Insp Brook Smith said that he had no recollection of my visit. (RC17322)

There were no steps taken on the 5th. (RC17430)

We eventually got underway at about 2pm 6/11/1878. Insp Brooke Smith took out a search party of about 14 police. We divided at Peechelba and I went with Kennedy to Lake Rowan. (RC17433) See also (RC5298)

We found Sgt Kennedy's pack horse B87 (RC12404)(RC17324)

Photograph Royal Commission I provided evidence to the Royal Commission on 91/8/1881 (RC17401) Early Service Later Service


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