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Side of Authority
This page contains content from police and those who supported authority.

Importance of Const William Canny (3100)

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Euroa Robbery 10/12/1878 Sup Hare especially picked a group of really good horses and gave them to the best riders amongst the police, Const Lawless, Falkner, and myself. (RC1427)

I knew the country and the personal appearance of the members of the KellyGang from their childhood. (RC1286) (RC5482) Photograph Autum 1879 In April and May I was out with Sup Hare and others on a search party. We had a run in with some boys and came across a sympathizer. He was having a wash in a dam. Sup Hare sent Const Faulkiner and me into Wangaratta to get extra police to watch the place. see also (RC1290)

During a search party with Sup Hare, and Consts Lawless and Faulkiner, we found three or four saddles hanging up at a place near the Lloyd's home that had been recently uses, noticing they had surcingles on made by a saddler at Wangaratta. The person who occupied the place was a man with one hand, a bachelor, which clearly showed that he had not a use for four saddles. When the KellyGang was captured, and the horses and saddles brought to Benalla, I identified those saddles as the ones we had seen hanging up in the house near Lloyd's. (RC5327)

Hare replaced by Nicolson 6/7/1879 In July Ass Com Nicolson started regular rifle practice for the officers stationed at Benalla. See my scores (RC1014) Spring 1879 Early 1880 Second Cave Party 12/1879-4/1880

I was a a member of the cave party and left early

Const Faulkiner understood that I had been speaking of the cave, or that I was put away. (RC5663)

Const Alexander was incharge of the cave party. The other members of the party with me were Consts Armstrong, and McColl. (RC5247)(RC1717) See (RC13857) Nicolson replaced by Hare 2/6/1880 On the 11/6/1880 Sup Hare sent for Const Faulkiner and me, and directed us to take a tour round the country, and see if we could not get some information of the outlaws. We were away seventeen days, and travelled about 500 miles. (RC5479)

On 16/6/1880 or the 17th Const Faulkiner wrote to Mr. Hare from Cotton-tree, that we had been informed, on good authority, that the KellyGang had been seen coming home frequently. (RC5480)(RC App15)

Const Faulkiner and I went to the Chinamen's camp, and employed some of them to come and wash sheep. We asked them if they were not frightened of the KellyGang. One of them replied that they were too far away; he said that the KellyGang were getting their provisions from the Chinese store at the Buckland Gap, and had pack-horses to carry it away. He said they came down from the ranges, two at a time; this, he stated, they did frequently. We asked him why he did not tell the police. He replied that the police were too frightened to go near them. He asked us not to tell the police; that they had been threatened if they told the police they would be shot and then burnt. We told the Chinamen that we were living on the sheep station.

We then returned to Wangaratta, and, on 25/6/1880 and sent a telegram to Mr. Hare stating that we would be back to Benalla in the evening, and wished to see him. (RC5483)

Glenrowan Siege 28/6/1880


I started to get ready to catch the special train in Benalla at about 3pm (RC8030)

Special train leaves Benalla to go to Beechworth - follow up on death of Aaron Sherritt


Arrive at Glenrowan

I arrived at Glenrowan by train as part of the first party at about 2.30 am.

After we met Curnow the decision was taken to detach the pilot engine. SConst Kelly jumped out, and Mr. Hare put his head out of the window and said, "What is up? " Mr. Hare turned round and told Kelly to take half the men to go on the engine; he would go on the pilot engine and let Kelly go on the other. Const Arthur and I went with him. We were on the engine; the three of us, but the engines then were detached. (RC8047)

I was one of the first party who had a double barrelled shot gun (RC8391)

Begining of the siege

I was near Sup Hare when he was shot

Arrival of Sup Sadleir and police from Benalla


I got some food from Const Kirkham when he came around (RC6680)

I spoke to Consts Kirkham and Wilson (RC6710)

Capture of Ned Kelly


Release of the civilians


Burning of Jones's Inn


See also the Royal Commission's comment on my role (RC 2nd report XV).

I gave evidence at the Magisterial Inquiry into Joe Byrne's death which was held in Benalla on the day after the siege. (Argus30/6/80) (OMA1/7/80)

Kelly Reward Board and Royal Commission Following the meetings of the Reward Board in December 1880 it was recommended that I recieve a reward of about £175

I gave evidence to the Royal Commission when they were in Glenrowan on 14/5/81

See what the press had to say about our evidence (Argus16/5/81)

Early Service

Later Service

I died in 1935 (Argus5/8/1935)


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What happened to Const William Canny's family