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Coranderrk, Aboriginal Reserve

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Near Healesville. about 80 km from Melbourne Riverina Murray Beechworth


Glenrowan Greta Benalla

Southern Mansfield Melbourne other areas

Importance of Coranderrk


Photograph Aboriginal settlement

What was Coranderrk like in the late 1870s

See a lengthy description of the reserve and what life was like. Some amazing stories (Argus19/3/81) See also (Argus4/3/81) (Argus17/10/81) (Argus19/10/81) Aboriginal community and justice (Alexandra19/4/1879) [[../../homeus.htm|']]

It would be great to know more about the history of Coranderrk; can you please help

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Many of the Victorian aboriginal police trackers came from Coranderrk

Sup Sadleir thought that we led the police astray while we were tracking in the Warby Ranges soon after the murders at Stringy Bark Creek. (RC1875)

Members of the Coranderrk community

What happened at Coranderrk after the time of the KellyGang

What is happening at Coranderrk today

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