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Importance of the Crawfords

We lived at Beechworth and operated a coaching business. Mr Hiram Alan Crawford and Emma Crawford. Mr Crawford was a magistrate who also owned the Crawford & Co. Coaching Company and the Eastern Arcade in Beechworth

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Early Years Hiram Crawford was born in the USA in 1832 and came to Victoria in 1853 to work the gold diggings. I found gold on the Woolshed and soon founded the coaching business of Crawford & Co.

I did some gold mining with Dr Hutchinson.

In 1860 with others including Cobb & Co I founded regular coach services between Albury and Melbourne

I was elected Mayor of Chiltern in 1863

After a time in Melbourne when I was in partnership with John Leonard in the Eastern Archade in Burke St east I came back to Beechworth I had a successful business career

My business had the contract to take mail between the Chiltern post office and the railway station 4 times a day,

I also had the contract between Wodonga to Tintaldra via Bonegilla, Bethanga, Talgarno, Bungil, Thologolong, Burrowye, Jingellic, Walwa

I built and managed the Eastern Arcade in Beechworth

Sherritts at my paddock. (Argus1/7/79)

Photograph Jerilderie Robbery 10/2/1879 Mr. Crawford engaged Aaron and Jack Sherritt to do some fencing for him. (RC15216)(OMA29/6/1880) Spring 1879 Early 1880 While Jack Sherritt and Aaron Sherritt were working on my paddock on 13/11/1879, Mary Jane came to say that Dan Kelly called at Mrs. Sherritt's and asked for him.(RC15751)

The paddock runs across in front of the Sherritt's place on the road to Beechworth, about 2 1/2 miles from Beechworth.(RC15259)

The owner of Aaron Sherritt's hut came about 11 o'clock one morning. He ordered Aaron to clear out. He was the original owner of the hut. Aaron took forcible possession of it. Was this Mr Crawford?(RC12131)

There is a story that says that my daughter Emma was a good friend of Kate Kelly.

Death of Aaron Sherritt See (Argus28/6/1880)

Crawford & Co

Thomas Augustus Connolly worked with Hiram Crawford at Crawford & Co. Coaching Company. He arrived in Beechworth early 1870's, married and lived in Kars St

Other Businesses




Mr Hiram Crawford

wife 1 Anna (m1855 in Beechworth)(d1860s), children' Martha and. '




wife 2

?(m?)(d?), children Hiram Allan, Gertrude,Walter and Marion

wife 3 Sophia (m1911)

Hiram died in 1916


What happened to the Crawford family