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Dan Morgan

Daniel Morgan (Samuel Moran) was a bushranger in the 1860s


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Dan Morgan I was a bushranger in Victoria. I was finally taken by the police at Peechelba(RC12360) (RC15488)

I was a good role model for the KellyGang.

I was born about 1830 near Appin (Campbelltown) NSW.

I worked as a stockman.

In 1854 I got 12 years for robbery but escaped. I then 'looked after' the roads around Wagga.

In 1963 they said that I killed a policeman in 1863.

The side of the law offered a reward of £1000 for me dead or alive, as they say. Really dead or dead.

Mr Graves was involved in attempts to capture me.

I was finally captured.

I was shot in about 1865 at Peechalba station (by a station hand John Wendlan).

My headless body was buried in the Wangaratta Cemetery.

Photograph Morgan's lookout The hill to the west of Glenrowan in the Warby Ranges.