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Importance of David Goodman

I was a hawker who was assaulted by Dan Kelly.

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First dealings with the KellyGang In September 1877 Tom and Jack Lloyd and Dan Kelly got into trouble in Winton after a prank. They were charged with wilfully damaging my property. I was a hawker and we owned a shop in Winton. See also (RC12871)

The incident started with Dan Kelly came to our place to deliver some meat to my wife Mrs Goodman and pick up some groceries. They often did this sort of thing. Boys had spare meat you know. Because it was late and we had closed for the day my wife would not open up. They were being silly and smashed there way inside. By some accounts my wife was at home by herself until 'Morris Soloman', a visiting hawker from the Solomon Store at Winton got involved.

I was the main witness and at the trial on 19 October 1877 at the trial in Benalla before Magistrate Butler. They each received 3 months in Beechworth Gaol and ordered to pay £2 /10 in damages. Tom Lloyd was also sentenced to another 3 months for assaulting my wife Mrs Goodman.

In the Cameron letter the KellyGang said that I had been convicted of committing perjury. Authors of books since that time have taken that statement at face value.

The facts of the matter are slightly different (Argus7/12/77) (Argus19/2/78)

Who was Joe the Hawker and what link did he have to me


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