Delitite River

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The country around Delitite River

First called the Devil's River (perhaps because some of the first settlers in the area heard a corroboree), the name was changed to the name of a lady of the local aboriginal Upper Goulburn community.

The Aboriginal name for the Delatite River was the 'Wappang'

Head waters

Down Stream



Links to the KellyGang

According to Bricky Williamson in his report the KellyGang used to get provisions from a store at Merrijig on the Delitite River

What was Delitite River like in the late 1870's

State of selections in 1866 in the area (Argus12/10/66)

Properties and Towns along the way

Flows through



How has the Delitite River area changed

What is happening on the Delitite River today