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west of Jerilderie. In southern New South Wales north of Echuca

On the Edward River or Thyalite (as it was named by Sir Thomas Mitchell)


Denilicoon, meaning "wrestler's ground," (T&C1/6/1872)

Deniliquin station (700,000 acre)was taken up for Benjamin Boyd by Augstus Morris for the Royal Bank Company.

It was then owned by Daniells, W Murray and James Tyson. By 1872 the runs were owned by the Landales (T&C1/6/1872)

The town of Deniliquin started in about 1846 but it was laid out in 1849 and the first blocks were sold in 1851.

Importance of Deniliquin

Deniliquin became the headquarters for the police and the main administraive town in the area (Kilmore9/10/1879) Photograph


What was Deniliquin like in the late 1870s

The flood (T&C19/11/1870)

Description of Deniliquin (T&C1/6/1872) (T&C8/6/1872) (T&C13/3/1875)(T&C16/10/1875)

Facilities in Deniliquin in the late 1870s

Population about 600 in 1870 Hotels Bridge Hotel Mr Pyke (T&C1/6/1872)

Wanderer Inn

Highlander Inn (Tattersalls Hotel) (Boat's)

see (T&C19/11/1870) (T&C1/5/1875)

Royal Hotel . Mr Bignell (T&C19/11/1870) (T&C1/6/1872) (T&C1/5/1875)

Shamrock (Lee) (T&C19/11/1870)

Lambs Hotel (T&C1/6/1872) Churches Church of England Rev Ware

see alo for all Chrches (T&C1/5/1875) public school, Mr S King Miller (T&C1/6/1872) Schools Main Streets Bank of New South Wales, Thomas Lewers (T&C1/6/1872)Mr Forrester (T&C17/7/1875)

London Chartered Bank (T&C16/10/1875) ,

WA Orr (T&C16/10/1875)

Union Bank of Melbourne

Australian Joint Stock [[../../things/C_community/C_bankt.html|Bank]] Thomas Robinson mayor (T&C1/6/1872) Local Government Goal Telegraph Office

(T&C16/10/1875) '

Post Office Police Station

insp JH Davidson

Other things of interest Deniliquin was first called 'Sandhills'

In 1860 the first paddel steamer made its way up the Edward River to Deniliquin but there was no regular river trade

The telegraph line to Echuca was opened in the 1860s with the usual problems between the New South Wales and Victorian governments

The Pastrol Times and Deniliquin Telegraph (The Pastrol Times) was published by Dr DG Jones

The first bridge over the Edward River was built in 1860

Rosenfeld's, Mort and Watson's, Robertson, (T&C19/11/1870) HJ Cordon (T&C1/6/1872)

Wouldridge and Wren stock agents (T&C13/3/1875) (T&C16/10/1875)

Wool agents Man (T&C16/10/1875)

Riverine Brewery, Mr G Elliott (T&C1/6/1872) (T&C13/3/1875)

There was a coach service from Deniliquin to Echuca in the early days but in 1876 Deniliquin was linked to Moama by rail.

There was a coarch from Jerilderie to Deniliquin

racecourse (T&C1/6/1872)

Doctor Erasmus Wren ; Dr Goodwill (T&C13/3/1875)

coach to Echuca (T&C8/6/1872)

Deniliquin Jockey Club (T&C13/3/1875)

Masonic Hall (T&C16/10/1875)

Deniliquim Mechanics' Institute (T&C17/7/1875)

Deniliquin and Murray Railway Company, Mr Foden (T&C16/10/1875)

Solicitor Mr Gillott (T&C17/7/1875)

Links to the KellyGang

The KellyGang 'traded' horses around Deniliquin

The KellyGang waited until the coach left Jerilderie for Deniliquin before they held up the town (JJK)

News of Euroa robbery telegraphed to Melbourne via Deniliquin

News of Jerilderie robbery telegraphed to Sydney via Deniliquin

Mr Tarleton rode to Deniliquin after the Jerilderie robbery (OMA13/2/1879)

Response by Police at Deniliquin (Argus12/2/79)(Argus14/2/79)

Members of the Deniliquin community

John Waring, J Watson, W M'Kenzie, T Johnston , J E Kynaston , G A Gordon , P A Jennings , G H Pippin , E Wren , T B Carve , R Blackwood , A Landale , H Ricketson , R Patterson, Myles Patterson , R Landale , Myles Patterson , F Parker , AWF Noyes , J H Davidson, T Watson, J Watson, J A Broughton , (T&C1/6/1872) see also (T&C1/5/1875)

Taylor (T&C8/6/1872)

What happened at Deniliquin after the time of the KellyGang

What is happening at Deniliquin today - linked to the Kelly Country and Ned Kelly's story