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Importance of Mr Donoghoe

The schoolmaster at the Woolshed

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Photograph My students Some of my students included Joe Byrne, Ellen Barry,

Early in 1880 Det Ward retold the following conversation he alleged that I had with him, "Ward, if you place confidence in me, I could do some good for you." Ward said, "What do you mean? " I said, "In having those police watching." He said, "You would be the wrong man for me to place confidence in." This is typical of the problems that Det Ward caused honest people. (RC14182)

Death of Aaron Sherritt I am well known as the person who would not take a note into Beechworth to tell the police there about Aaron Sherritt's death.

Const Duross described his version of what happened in the following terms, "We asked him if he would take a message into Beechworth. He said certainly he would, and he went and he returned in about an hour's time, or an hour and a half, and said his wife would not allow him to go in, afraid he would be shot on the road taking the message in. Then there was another man; he volunteered to go through the bush around and take it in" (RC3681) See another police version (RC12162)

See Mrs sherritt's version of what happened (OMA26/4/81)

The police asked a man called (Tom Duckett) (Duggan) after me but the police suspected he would not deliver the message. (Age1/7/1880)

Inquest My conduct at the death of Aaron Sherritt was reviewed at the inquest into his death. (Age1/7/1880) (MDTel1/7/80) (OMA1/7/80)

What happened to Donoghue's family