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On the Murray River, north of Melbourne. Moama is on the northern side of the river


Echuca was surveyed in 1855

The red gum wharf on the Murray River was built in 1865.

Hopwood's Ferry (T&C8/6/1872)

Importance of Echuca

Echuca was a major port and Customs town for the control of the Murray River trade.

In July 1864 the railway from Melbourne to Echuca was opened. This was about ten years before the line to Wodonga. See also (Argus22/8/68)

What was Echuca like in the late 1870s

The big flood of 1870, What was the town like. (T&C19/11/1870)

At about this time Hare was directed to proceed with a party of fifteen or twenty armed men to Echuca. They were sent to Sandhurst by train, and from there travelled by ballast waggon or any other way they could to Echuca. There was a dispute between the Victorian and New South Wales governments at the time about the Customs, arrangements. New South Wales had issued a proclamation that they would seize all boats and goods on the river Murray. They claimed the Murray as theirs (RC1602) (FH)

"the Chicago of Victoria" (T&C8/6/1872)

Rail trip Melbourne to Echuca (T&C29/6/1872)

Things on the river (Kilmore19/4/1877)

In March 1879 the Echuca Moama bridge was opened. The bridge carried road traffic and trains and this was seen bt Victoria as a great step forward. The Riverina was opened up. Suddenly wool and wheat etc could be transported directly to Melbourne. New South Wales did not like this. They delayed the opening of the bridge and caused customs duty problems. (Argus5/3/79) (Argus7/3/79) (Argus1/12/80)

The size of the trade (Argus19/1/81)



Facilities in Echuca in the late 1870s

Population 1500 Hotels Star Hotel with its underground bar and escape tunnel (once a 'sly' grog shop)

Caledonian Hotel

Cumberland (T&C19/11/1870)

Hopwood Hotel

Farmers' Arms Hotel, 1876 John Shelswell

Redman's Hotel, (T&C19/11/1870)

Murray Hotel, In 1879 had a brothel and Honky-tonk music (Mrs Ann Syke). Churches Church of England, M'Causland (T&C19/11/1870)

Catholic (T&C8/6/1872)

Presbyterian, Johnston

Wesleyans, Horsley (T&C8/6/1872) Schools Public school, C Hartshorn (T&C8/6/1872)

Catholic, In 1876 the play ground was leveled and the school fenced

3 other private schools [[../../things/C_community/C_bankt.html|Bank]] two Main Streets C E Pascoe (T&C8/6/1872) Local Government Police Station (1867) Railway Station Telegraph Office

Post Office

DW Forbes

Mail route from Euroa to Ulupna via Lower Moira, Barmah and Broken Creek

Mail route from Euroa to Shepparton via Undera and Mooroopna

Other things of interest Court House (1876)

Customs House

Land sales Govt Gazette 1876 1 P14

Pound keeper George Jamieson

Customs officer WH Willock


Dr Crossen (T&C19/11/1870)

Dr Benjamin W Gummow

Dr William McMullen

Dr Edmund Newbould

Dr Henry L O'Hara


WW Moore

Licensing Magistrates

Robert John Glass

Robert Hill Kinnear


Fahey’s, Towle, Mayne, (T&C19/11/1870)

Schakell and Franklin's tannery and wool-washing establishment,(T&C19/11/1870)

Echuca Meat-preserving Company (T&C19/11/1870)

James Mackintosh operated a saw mill in town. He also ran the the river steamers Enterprise, Julia and Elizabeth. (Named after Elizabeth Blakey )

George Landlord is police magistrate (T&C8/6/1872)

Riverine Meat Preserving Company , T W Chambers (T&C8/6/1872)

Echuca sawmills; Blair and Growther's, and Whitely and Cole's, and Mr Robert Barbour's steam saw mill, ( T&C8/6/1872)

Emu tannery, owned by Shackles and operated by Franklin und Cameron ( T&C8/6/1872)

James M'lntosh (T&C8/6/1872)

M'Culloch's and Mr Shackles warehouses (T&C8/6/1872)

winery at Yambuna Creek, John Vettler (T&C8/6/1872)

Dispute with Shepparton over the Shire Hall there. (Argus16/10/79)

Links to the KellyGang

The KellyGang came to town on a number of occasions as they went backwards and forward across the Murray River

Members of the Echuca community

Keighly Goodchild was the editor of the Echuca Advertiser newspaper.

Mr Hopwood, the King of Echuca (T&C19/11/1870)

Henry Luth, James Shackles , Bulchart , Pascoe , Maunsell MP (T&C8/6/1872)

Henry Leonard (T&C8/6/1872)

What happened at Echuca after the time of the KellyGang

What is happening at Echuca today

See the Port of Echuca; a major attraction. See and