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One of the original properties in the Kelly Country

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El Dorado

History at El Dorado before the KellyGang

First selected in 1839 by Captain William Fury Baker , an overlander from New South Wales. His first run was called Barambogie. It was sub divided and Eldorado was the western part. Eldorado was divided into 2 blocks, east and west in about 1849

Eldorado East was east of the Black Dog Creek and covered the site of Chiltern. The run was purchased from Baker by Dr Gemmell of Wangaratta who seems to have purchased it on behalf of Dalgety and Co. They appointed Thomas Noyes as manager. The run was sold to Dr Grainger Muir Brough in 1868 and he sold it to William Sloane and Co in 1871. They in turn sold it to Charles Hutton in 1875. In 1879 the run was owned by Charles and Thomas Hutton.

Eldorado West was bought by Jason Withers of Ulina before 1854.

In 1857 Joseph Francis Garlick owned the lease, (see also ) but it was back in Withers' hands by 1862. Large areas of the run disappeared in selections and gold leads during this period. In 1868 the lease was held by William Telford and Charles D Fisher.

By 1871 John Gidley had purchased the lease which he sold to Charles Hutton the owner of Eldorado East

In 1876 the license to El Dorado East and West was held by Charles Hutton, ? acres, license fee half year £112/10

Where did the name El Dorado come from


The original aboriginal owners

The first selectors



Original neighbouring properties

Bontherambo Plains

What was El Dorado like in the late 1870's

By 1861 gold had been discovered on Black Dog Creek and thousands flocked to the area.

By the 1870s the gold boom days were over but the town of El Dorado was well established

Gold production (Alexandra24/5/1872)

Const Strahan was stationed at El Dorado in 1872

United Wellington Gold and Tin Mining Company Limited was trading in 1876

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Mrs. Byrne told Ann Jane Sherritt that Joe Byrne and Dan Kelly called at the Black Dog Creek. (RC14190)

On the 24/6/1880 Const Faulkiner and Canny arrived at the Black Dog Creek, and went to see a Chinese store keeper called Ah Yang. He had been supplying the [[../../things/K_kellys/K_KellyGang.html|KellyGang]]. (RCApp15)

Rivers Creeks and Hills near El Dorado

What happened at El Dorado after the time of the Kelly Gang

What is happening at El Dorado today